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Henry Tsang, Digital Marketing Manager

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Henry Tsang, Digital Marketing Manager, has worked in marketing for over six years.

Prior to his career he was a student of Fine Art and Film for many years, culminating in a bachelor's degree in Film from the University of Westminster. Although he will always consider himself a student of the arts, he next looked to challenge his content creation skills in a commercial context.

He began his marketing journey writing blogposts and editing videos for a UK high street retailer, but quickly found greater involvement in other areas of marketing. Over time he developed experience in the strategic and data-focused areas of marketing, which complimented his education in the creative arts.

After spending time in a number of industries and building successful marketing teams, Henry brings to Occuity a broad marketing skill set, a data-driven attitude and a passion for creative media.

Let's now have a chat with Henry!

When did you get involved with Occuity?

I have always had an interest in cutting edge technology so when I saw the role advertised online, I was excited at the prospect of working for a brand with disruptive technology that has potential to change the future of the healthcare diagnostics.

Why did you feel it was the right thing for you?

I wanted to learn more about the category and healthcare challenges that millions around the world face, and this role provides an opportunity to leverage my current areas of expertise to give awareness to Occuity's diagnostic devices.

Why should someone consider a career at Occuity?

You should join Occuity if you're looking for a stimulating learning environment that values innovation and professional development. A start-up offers a unique environment for you to expand your skills and discover new challenges.

What do you think of Occuity’s work so far?

The devices in development at Occuity are groundbreaking, and will make a difference to an incredible number of people worldwide. Knowing that I have the privilege to be involved behind the scenes to witness our talented engineers and designers at work is inspiring. I look forward to sharing some of the great news we have on the horizon.

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