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About Occuity

Occuity specialises in the research, design and production of non-contact optical instruments for use in optometry or other optical measurements as well as disease diagnosis and  monitoring through the eye.

Occuity benefits from 9 international patents covering the optical scanning technology that forms the basis of the devices along with additional patents relating to the alignment and measurements within the eye.

Occuity's mission is to create a range of non-contacting handheld devices which by their nature will be useable for either non-clinical screening and measuring or personal monitoring for diseases such as diabetes.


Dr Dan Daly

CEO and Founder

Dr. Dan Daly PhD, MBA, CPhys, MInstP, Chief Executive Officer, has studied and worked in the field of optical metrology and opto-electronics for over 25 years. Dan has a PhD in Micro Optics from Kings College, London and an MBA from Cranfield school of management.

Initially Dan studied and worked in the field of micro-optics as well as the broader Optoelectronics industry for over 15 years. His  PhD in Micro Optics specialised in manufacturing techniques for refractive and diffractive micro-optical components and the construction of interferometric and photometric measurement systems. During this time he also spent 3 years as a Project Manager at the National Physical Laboratory and published a book on “Microlens Arrays”.

Dan has worked in Switzerland and the UK for both large and small organisations in various roles as both CTO and CEO.  In 2019 he co-founded Occuity with Dr Taylor with the aim of creating handheld non-contacting optical devices to improve screening and monitoring of chronic health conditions such as Diabetes and Alzeimers.

Dr Robin Taylor

CTO and Founder

Dr Robin Taylor has worked in the field of medical device development for over 15 years, 10 of those were developing advanced optical measurement techniques. He has extensive expertise across all of the key engineering disciplines including software, electronics, mechanical and optical engineering. He has developed devices for use numerous applications across the medical, industrial and research sectors and has significant risk and project management experience.

His PhD in Biomedical Engineering was gained from Aston University in 2008 in the field of surgical robotics in which he designed and deployed the first ever, fully autonomous surgical robot in the operating theatre. Shortly after completing his PhD Robin accepted a position at Lein Applied Diagnostics where he took the lead in the development of their optical measurement technology. Through Lein he developed significant expertise in the field of optical metrology and developed numerous devices for a wide variety of applications.

In 2009, he was shortlisted for Design Engineer of the Year in the British Engineering Excellence Awards and awarded a Commendation.

In 2019 he co-founded Occuity with the aim of applying novel optical measurement techniques to the medical diagnostics market. He is also full Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

James Reynolds

Head of Optical Engineering

James is an optical engineer with over 30 years’ experience in R&D over a wide range of industries.

James has worked both in manufacturing and software and has vast experience in optical design, optical physics and sensor design, with a particular emphasis on metrology.

As an optics specialist James has considerable mathematical aptitude and has used this extensively in algorithm design and development, mathematical modelling and data analysis.