Occuity's devices are based on a sound understanding of optics allied with medical research into physiological variations in the eye caused by either disease or biochemical changes.
The devices use a low power beam of light to measure the thickness of the cornea, fluorescence reflections from the lens or in some cases multiple techniques to achieve either measurements or monitoring parameters.  Occuity use a patented novel optical technique based on scanning confocal technology that allows the use of very low power beams of light but are still able to collect the return signal from the reflections and fluorescence within the eye.

Technology and Patents

With 9 international patents covering measurement techniques and optical technology, Occuity strives for constant and revolutionary innovation. Our ambitious and experienced team are leading the way to tackle with world’s most prevalent chronic diseases.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


Occuity is committed to protecting and growing it's shareholder value by patenting the novel aspects of it's research and development that underpin the planned devices.  The technology underpinning Occuity's devices is protected by 9 granted patents which Occuity have exclusive access to.   Several more patents covering novel techniques used in the various devices are in draft and it is anticipated that further will be applied for as part of the ongoing research program within the company.


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