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Non-invasive diabetes monitor

Occuity Indigo

Occuity plan to utilise our technology platform to deliver a personal use, optical, non-contact, glucose meter for non-invasive diabetes monitoring - the 'Occuity Indigo'.

Please note that the Occuity Indigo is in the research and development phase. See FAQs

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Pain Free Glucose Meter

Concept Designs

Occuity Design Director, Daniele De Iuliis, used all the skills and experience he has honed through over 27-years in Apple's world-class Industrial Design team to deliver a beautifully crafted concept design for the Occuity Indigo, non-invasive glucose meter. The new concept designs show a pen-sized device that will be slim, elegant, unobtrusive and easy to carry within a pocket or small bag.

Simple, easy and pain-free​

A press of the top will activate the device and enable the protected optical lens to pop up. The user would then simply hold the device up to their eye for a few seconds, allowing the Indigo to take multiple scans and measurements, before quickly displaying a clear glucose reading to the user on the front. With no pain and no consumables, the user would be free to test as often as they need or wish to.

Whilst the final production version of the Occuity Indigo is still in the research and development phase, the demand for a non-invasive glucose monitoring device that is a pleasure to own and use is clear to see.

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Friends at Lunch
Diabetes Glucose Monitoring -
Anytime, Anywhere

With its pain-free and non-invasive and hygienic operation, the Occuity Indigo will also be more appropriate for those with diabetes who may find it hard to use current finger stick testing such as children, seniors or someone not capable of self-administering current blood glucose tests. 

These concept designs, showcase The Occuity Indigo's friendly and familiar pen-like design. Unlike existing methods, the Indigo will be able to be comfortably and quickly used in a public setting such as a busy restaurant, coffee shop or office. It is Occuity's intention to utilise these design principles when developing our prototype devices.


Occuity Indigo

What's in a name?

The Occuity Indigo's name was inspired by a number of factors.


Firstly, our vision is to make regular glucose testing and monitoring easier, safer, quicker and stress-free - by using light and 'Indigo' is part of the visible light colour spectrum.


The Occuity Indigo will allow those who currently have the hassle of carrying around all the things they need for invasive finger-prick testing, to pick up our device, put it in their pocket and simply - 'go'. With this freedom and "Indi"pendence", we hope to make it easier for people with diabetes to go about their lives less encumbered by their need to check their blood glucose levels.

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Diabetes and you

Join Our Community

If you're affected by diabetes or know someone who is, we would love your support and help. Occuity has a mission to improve the screening and monitoring of some of humanity's greatest health challenges - starting with diabetes.

If you believe in our vision, please sign up as only if we have your support are we ever going to be successful in creating a better way to screen and monitor for this disease. 

What do you think?

If you're part of our Diabetes Community (or would like to be), we'd love to hear your thoughts on the Indigo name and on the design? Perhaps you have a name you'd like to suggest, or an important feature you would like the device to have. Perhaps, you think some of our other concepts for the device are better.
You can let us know, by taking part in this short survey. 


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