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Diabetes Monitoring & Screening

The eye is often described as a ‘window to the soul’, but it also provides a fascinating insight into the health of the body.


We're pioneering technological solutions to screen for, and monitor, some of humanity's greatest health challenges. Starting with diabetes.

4.7 million

people in UK suffer from diabetes

17 million

Have pre-diabetes and left unchecked will likely develop diabetes within 10 years

The Diabetes Problem


unaware they have the disease

1 in 10

people over 40 in the UK are now living with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes


the annual cost to NHS to treat patients with diabetes & related complications.


could be saved by preventing just 10% of people with pre-diabetes developing the disease

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“The signs of Type 2 diabetes are often not obvious, that’s why spotting them early can be life-changing. Early diagnosis means that fewer people will experience diabetes-related complications such as sight loss, amputation, kidney failure, stroke and heart disease because they could seek support to manage their condition effectively as soon as possible."

Chris Askew, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK


Why should you join our community?

Occuity has a mission to improve the screening and monitoring of some of humanity's greatest health challenges - starting with diabetes.

If you believe in our vision, please sign up as only if we have your support are we ever going to be successful in creating a better way to screen and monitor for this disease. 

Benefits & Opportunities

  • Be Informed - Stay up-to-date with our progress

  • Inform Us - Take part in surveys and groups - ultimately helping our R&D team make crucial decisions on design, function, name, look, feel and more.

  • Take Part - Help us with crucial clinical trials (remember our device will be non-contact and pain-free!) and tell us your story of living with diabetes - using the form below.

  • Reviews - Help us spread the word by being amongst the first to use the Occuity Glucose Monitor

Thank you for all your support.


Join Our

Diabetes Community


How much will the Occuity Glucose Monitor cost?

As we are still in the research and development phase, this has not yet been determined. We will pursue all avenues to get the monitor to as many people as possible and the Occuity Glucose Monitor will be very competitively priced. The intention is that the meter will be provided on a contract – like a mobile phone – rather than sold outright. And the price per month will be similar. You can help us decide the answers to this and many other similar and crucial questions by joining our community and taking part in relevant surveys.

What will the Occuity Glucose Monitor be like?

As a personal use device it is important to us that the Occuity Glucose Monitor is a pleasure to own and to use. Our Design Director, Daniele De Iulliis, joined Occuity having spent 27-years contributing to Apple's world class industrial design team and leaving behind a legacy of iconic products that helped change the consumer electronics world forever. Among his many professional accomplishments during his tenure at Apple, he is named as an inventor of over 400 design and utility patents. Daniele is responsible for the design of all of Occuity's products. We look forward to sharing some exciting design visuals with you shortly and keeping you up to date on our progress.

When will the Monitor be available?

The Occuity Glucose Monitor is currently in the research and development phase. The development of medical devices necessarily takes a number of years as it is necessary to build prototypes, undertake extensive clinical trials and submit the results for detailed regulatory approval.

But you can help to accelerate this timeline by letting us know what you want to see in the meter and perhaps by being involved in the trials.

Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear our news and find out more about our progress.

Will there be any opportunities to invest in Occuity?

Yes, Occuity is delighted to announce that as part of our funding round - we are now giving you the opportunity to become full equity shareholders in our business via our Seedrs crowdfunding campaign. By becoming a shareholder in Occuity, you will be directly helping us bring our range of highly disruptive non-contacting screening, monitoring and ophthalmic products to market! You can view our crowdfunding campaign here.


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Indigo Colour.png
with CEO Dan Daly
The Occuity Glucose Monitor

We're working on the research and development of a revolutionary new way of monitoring blood glucose levels. The Occuity Glucose Monitor will make it easier for people to check their glucose levels through a simple scan of the eye, removing the need for them to endure painful, complicated and invasive finger-prick blood tests. 

The handheld monitor will work by measuring subtle changes within the anterior chamber of the eye in just a few seconds before analysing the results instantly to determine blood glucose levels. 

As this technique will be non-invasive, simple to use and require no other disposable items, users will be able to perform tests as regularly as they need to, with no additional costs.

NB. The Occuity Glucose Monitor is still in the research and development phase.

Non Contact
  • No pain
  • No risk of infection
  • None of the side effects associated with finger-prick tests
  • Simple Compact Handheld Design
  • Quick Operation
  • Cost Effective
  • No consumables
  • State of the Art Optical Technology
  • Accurate Measurement
  • Unlimited Scans
Diabetes Screening

With the scale of diabetes a growing problem, early intervention is crucial as the longer diabetes goes undetected, the more damaging its effects can be. However for diabetes to be detected effectively, a viable, simple to use device that can be used repeatedly in a non-clinical setting is required – namely the Occuity Diabetes Screening device.

The need for early detection and Diabetes screening

We are working on the development of a diabetes screening device that will be capable of being used by both clinicians and non-clinicians. It will be available as a service in opticians, pharmacies and care homes or even for personal use by individuals themselves in entirely non-clinical settings.


Building on our world-leading optical technology, our screening device will have fluorescence capability. This new technology provides the capability to detect disease markers in the eye such as AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End products) in the case of diabetes and pre-diabetes or Amyloid Plaques in respect of Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes and you

Let us know your thoughts

If you're affected by diabetes or know someone who is, and want to leave us a message about your experiences with existing glucose monitoring methods and your views on our development of non-contact optical glucose monitor, we'd love to hear from you.