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The Occuity

AX1 Axiometer™

The AX1 will provide direct axial length measurement - within a compact, portable, handheld non-contact device. The AX1 utilises a similar form factor to the Occuity PM1 Pachymeter enabling Occuity to accelerate the development of the device.

The AX1 is currently in development and is planned for release in 2025

Myopia Management

Axial length (AXL) has been well established as the critical measurement in studies looking at the progression and control of myopia.

The Occuity AX1 will be the world's first handheld, optical, non-contact meter, capable of directly measuring axial length quickly, easily and safely. The AX1 will provide optometrists with a superb solution for their need to accurately measure axial length to monitor the progression of myopia and the effectiveness of myopia management treatments. It will provide a particularly valuable tool for monitoring the success of orthokeratology treatment in reducing myopic progression, as measuring refractive change is not possible.

A Boy and His Tablet Device
Myopia Management

Measure Axial seconds

The Occuity AX1 Axiometer™ is set to revolutionise the way axial length is measured. 

Quick, easy to use and child-friendly, the AX1 will provide optometrists with a superb solution for measuring axial length and monitoring the effectiveness of myopia management treatments.




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AX1 Product Details

Direct Axial Length Measurement

Accurate, simple and straightforward operation. The AX1 will bypass the need to induce cycloplegia.

Child Friendly

Perfect for children who often can struggle with existing desktop devices.



Potential to use at pre-screen, as part of the eye exam or in a school screening environment.

Space Saving

The AX1's small footprint will ensure easy implementation in every practice regardless of space.


AX1 Axiometer Handheld (Prototype) vs Desktop Device

In this video, Occuity CTO, Dr. Robin Taylor demonstrates the speed and accuracy with which a prototype Occuity AX1 Axiometer can measure the axial length of the eye. He then compares this to a leading desktop device.

This video shows the first untethered AX1  prototype and was shot in one take. 

Myopia Management
Key Opinion Leaders:

We're excited about the potential the AX1 has to change the way in which axial myopia is identified and how myopia management treatments are monitored. 

But of course, it always helps to ask the experts. So we reached out to a number of leading myopia management practitioners for their thoughts and opinions on the AX1.


The market needs the AX1...

The myopia management market not only wants the AX1 but needs the AX1. Delivering a world where precision meets convenience, this device is key to empowering clinicians to integrate axial length into everyday clinical practice.

The AX1 device from Occuity is beautifully designed and promises to deliver accuracy, portability, affordability, and a great user experience for both optometrists and patients.

Prof. Ian Flitcroft

Medical Director and Head of Research and Development – Ocumetra | Speaker |Eye Surgeon

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Precision Optical System

The patented optical technology within the Occuity's ophthalmic series of devices uses a tightly focused beam of light to scan the eye. When the focus passes through a surface a bright reflection is seen which allows the meter to know exactly where that surface is. The precision optical system collects these reflections allowing for very precise measurement of structures within the eye.

With our expertise in optics and miniaturisation, Occuity’s proprietary technology ensures that in addition to being accurate, our devices will also be compact and very cost-effective.


Express Your Interest

 Demand for the AX1 is huge. If you would like to be the first to hear the latest news and information regarding the Occuity AX1 Axiometer, or would like to speak to a member of our sales team to ask a question, please enter your details below. 

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