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Occuity's investment round is now open.


If you're seeking an investment with the potential for significant returns and a chance to support a mission-driven company, look no further. We're committed to improving the lives of millions by addressing some of humanity's most prevalent diseases. Continue reading to explore this unique investment opportunity.

This opportunity is open to people who are able to self-certify as sophisticated investors or HNWI.


Occuity is using the eye as a window to a persons health.

Some of the world’s most prevalent diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and sepsis leave telltale markers in the human eye; other conditions, such as myopia, can be characterised by tiny changes to its physiology – specifically where the axial length of the eye grows too long.


Currently the tests to screen or monitor the progression of these conditions, which affect a huge percentage of the global population, are either invasive, extremely cumbersome, or nonexistent.


Occuity’s mission is to provide the solution to this problem and radically change how these diseases are detected and monitored.

Already capable of highly accurate measurement of structures within the eye, Occuity is further developing its ground-breaking technology to detect, analyse and record the amount and distribution of these disease markers in simple optical scans that take just a few seconds; providing an insight into an individual’s progression along a particular disease pathway whilst simultaneously creating a valuable dataset from the information captured each time a scan is undertaken.


Ultimately Occuity’s aim is to unlock the valuable health data held by the eye and become a world leader in the burgeoning field of Oculomics.


As the volume of the data collected builds up over time it will increasingly form a significant part of Occuity’s long term value creation strategy; both in the enhanced information that can be provided to individual patients and as population data for use by corporates, healthcare agencies and government bodies.


Investment Memorandum


What Type of Investor Are You?

Experienced Investors - High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) / Sophisticated & Professional.

Occuity is open to discussing investment from a range of investors. If you are able to self-certify as either an investment professional, HNWI or sophisticated investor and would like to know more, then please complete the form to request our Investment Memorandum.

There are currently two investment options available.

  1. EIS eligible equity shares

  2. Non-EIS shares for International Investors

Please note the minimum direct investment we are able to accept is £10,000

Self Certify as HNW/Sophisticated Investor
& Sign NDA

Thank you for your interest in Occuity. To enable us to send you further information such as the Investor Memorandum, please complete the form below. If you are not yet registered, you will need to self-certify and then sign an NDA, due to the confidential nature of our detailed memorandum.


Already registered and ready to invest directly?

To invest in Occuity you must first self-certify as an investor and sign our NDA. Please ensure you have completed this step before continuing. Once completed please click below for more details.

About Occuity

We're revolutionising the way in which some of the world’s most prevalent chronic diseases are screened and monitored. Our devices work by harmlessly shining a low power beam of light into the eye, collecting and analysing the return signal and are unlike anything else currently on the market.


We have developed a novel, globally patented (9 granted, 5 pending) non-contacting technology that is able to accurately detect changes in the eye and thereby derive information not only about a patient’s ocular health but also about their broader wellbeing, particularly where this relates to chronic, life-changing conditions.

Occuity is developing its disruptive technology into a range of handheld devices aimed at some of the major health problems of our time. Due to the size of the market, we are particularly interested in addressing diabetes by both developing products that will enable earlier diagnosis of the condition and will also enable non-contacting, pain-free glucose monitoring.

Our first product using the patented technology will be the Occuity PM1 pachymeter, a handheld device for opticians to optically measure the thickness of the cornea to support glaucoma diagnosis. 

Our second product, the AX1 Axiometer, allows Occuity to build on the significant progress made on its patented handheld technology platform. By combining technical elements from both the PM1 Pachymeter and the GM1 Glucose meter, Occuity has created a handheld, non-contacting device that will measure the 'Axial Length' of the human eye in just a few seconds. Already working in prototype form, the finished AX1 Axiometer device will revolutionise the key measurement required for myopia management in children – probably the fastest growing market in the global Ophthalmology/Optometry sector today. 


Following on from this will be more advanced meters to screen first for diabetes, then for Alzheimer’s Disease and then a personal blood glucose meter for use by people with diabetes. Our products will address markets collectively worth around $35Bn pa.



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If you are in any doubt about the investment to which this webpage relates, you are strongly recommended to consult an appropriately authorised financial adviser qualified to give advice in relation to investment in unquoted shares issued by single companies. An investment in Occuity Ltd. will not necessarily be suitable for all recipients of this information. Applications to subscribe for Shares will only be accepted at Occuity's discretion from persons eligible to invest.

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