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Occuity Products

Occuity is using the "eye as a window on your health". Find out more about the handheld, non-contact (covid-safe) products we are developing to improve the screening and monitoring of some of humanities greatest healthcare challenges

Innovative MedTech Products

Occuity is developing a series of highly disruptive products which are built upon scientific evidence which shows that changes within the eye can be used to detect and monitor diseases.

Our novel optical technology platform will endow each of our products with significant USPs. These offer many advantages over existing techniques for both patients and clinicians.



By using light, our devices never touch patients, thus removing the risks of disease transfer (such as Covid) and injury. This also means , our products can be used by clinical and non-clinical operators in any setting.


Handheld & Portable

Occuity devices take up less space in clinical environments than existing desktop devices and can be taken to the patient in domiciliary settings such as care homes as required.

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Our devices are self-contained and do not require the disposables necessary for many other screening and diagnosis devices, making Occuity’s devices cheaper to use and more environmentally-friendly.

Optometry & Ophthalmology

Non-contact optical devices

Occuity is in the process of designing and developing a range of handheld, optical, non-contact meters. Starting with a Pachymeter, the range will expand to include axial length meters, Pupillometers and Keratometers for use in both human and veterinary optometry.


Better. Easier. Safer.

Disease Screening

Non-contact diagnostics through the eye.

Building upon our patented technology, Occuity's disease screening products, will seek to make it easier and cheaper to screen for chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's in non-clinical settings such as high street pharmacies and care homes.

Better. Easier. Safer.

Old Lady
Young Family

Disease Monitoring

The eye provides a window to your health.

Occuity’s vision is to deliver the world’s first non-invasive, non-contacting, monitoring device for chronic diseases including diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.


Better. Easier. Safer.

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