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Glucose Monitoring

Your eyes provide a window into the health of your body.
Occuity is developing revolutionary new consumer devices to provide non-contact, pain free monitoring of blood glucose levels through a simple scan of the eye.


Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes

Occuity is researching and developing novel handheld devices to progression through subtle changes within the eye.  We have developed novel confocal scanning technology, protected by 9 international patents to allow for the measurement of a suite of parameters through the eye that can be used for accurate measurement of both the physiological and chemical changes that are associated with disease progression. 

Blood Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes

The Challenge

Diabetes has been described as a pandemic and is forecast to affect more that 783 million people by 2045.


For the vast majority of patients with diabetes, they must regularly measure their blood glucose levels in an effort to maintain them within the normal range. Ultimately, for many millions of people, this involves painful and invasive finger-stick testing.

It is often recommended that patients perform glucose tests at least three or four times per day because clinical outcomes data support the notion that an important component of effective diabetes management is frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels. 

There are many overt and hidden costs to regular finger stick testing.

Our Work

Building upon some of the technology used within the previous devices, we are developing a personal use blood glucose meter.


Instead of relying on finger-prick blood tests to provide blood glucose readings, Occuity believes our technology can deliver a non-contact, handheld, optical meter to determine the blood glucose level by measuring subtle changes within the anterior chamber of the eye. 


There are numerous medical papers that support the direct correlation of changes within the anterior chamber with fluctuations in blood glucose. The glucose monitor under development by Occuity builds on this correlation. 

Next Steps

Codenamed Indigo, our intention is to develop a personal used device that is the size of a large pen.


Intended to be able to be kept in a pocket or bag – possibly in a separate case – and is designed to be discreet to use. The device is  activated by pressing the top which also pops out the optical assembly. The user will hold the device in front of an eye for a few seconds to allow the meter to auto-align and take a measurement. The instant glucose measurement is then displayed on the device and is also available for download to a paired mobile phone when desired.


Diabetes and you

Join Our Community

If you're affected by diabetes or know someone who is, we would love your support and help. Occuity has a mission to improve the screening and monitoring of some of humanity's greatest health challenges - starting with diabetes.

If you believe in our vision, please sign up as only if we have your support are we ever going to be successful in creating a better way to screen and monitor for this disease. 

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