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Occuity's Diwali Celebration Lights up the Workplace

Many studies have been undertaken and books written, that demonstrate how diversity ultimately leads to more effective teams and better companies. At Occuity, diversity is therefore something we embrace and we are proud of the diverse workforce we have built. So, as a company that uses light every day in our work, and one that values our team's diverse opinions, viewpoints and ideas, we were delighted to recently unite to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Organised by Nupur Bhattacharya, Occuity's HR Coordinator and advocate for inclusivity, this lively event transformed the workplace into a colourful tapestry of cultures, cuisines, and traditions. A special mention is reserved for Ashlesha Mahadar and Beverley Thomson, who played crucial roles throughout the planning of the event, offering their helpful hands at every step.

Diwali, an annual festival lasting five days, signifies the commencement of the Hindu New Year. The specific dates vary each year and are contingent upon the moon's position, with the third day being the main day of celebration. This year it took place on the 12th of November, marking the apex of the festivities. In anticipation of these celebrations, the Occuity team decided to illuminate the office last Wednesday.

India's 28 states, each boast a unique blend of history, culture, and festivals. Diwali, too, varies in its celebration across regions. To bridge the gaps in understanding, a presentation was given by Anish Srinivasan with support from Divyank Yarravarapu, Shashin Lad and Varun Narasimhan, discussing the different ways in which this festival is cherished. They also shared personal stories from past Diwali celebrations, adding a personal touch to their presentation.

Notably, recent additions to the Occuity Engineering Team, Ilamaran Jayamurthy and Pranav Kulkarni, also immersed themselves in the celebration which not only enriched the experience, but also offered them a warm welcome, showcasing Occuity's commitment to culture and diversity in action.

With a handful of employees personally celebrating Diwali, the event became an educational and immersive experience for those less familiar. A variety of homemade Indian delicacies flooded the office, providing an opportunity for everyone to reflect on and learn about the flavours from every corner of the country.

The celebration wasn't confined to the palate; traditional Indian attire added a colourful layer to the festivities and gift-giving, which is also an integral part of Diwali, was also embraced. A donation box for non-perishable foods allowed employees to express gratitude by giving back to the community. Reflecting on the event Nupur said:

"We wanted to illuminate not just our workplace but also the lives around us.
At Occuity, we believe in embracing cultures and fostering inclusivity. Diwali was a testament to our commitment to making our workplace a harmonious blend of traditions and diversity."

Do you want to work in a high-calibre team of people who are all working together on cutting-edge technology to deliver world-leading products? If the answer is 'yes', then we want to hear from you. Check out our careers site.

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