Collaborating with excellence

Clinical and Academic Partnerships

In working on projects Occuity personnel have collaborated closely with several Clinical and Academic partners who have been invaluable in adding value and expertise.  Some of our partners include:

Royal Berkshire Hospital

The Occuity team has previously worked with the endocrinology team at the Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH) on a clinical trial to assess the efficacy of the company’s non-invasive glucose meter. Due to the success of this project it is intended that the two groups will partner again on the future diabetes care products.


Bristol University

Although the Occuity team haven’t worked directly with the University of Bristol, they have worked with Prof. Ian Nabney when he was at Aston University. He is now Professor and Head of the SCEEM School of Engineering and is an expert in the theory and application of neural networks with a special focus on data visualisation and probabilistic modelling. Advanced analysis techniques are key to obtaining the maximum value from the data collected by Occuity’s meters

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Durham University

Prof. John Girkin, who is currently the Director of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation at Durham University, has worked with the Occuity team for many years on multiple projects. These include PhDs, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership and commercial collaborations for 3rd parties.  The areas of work have encompassed ophthalmic measurements, pharmacokinetics and diabetes care. He has vast experience both of optics in general and of ophthalmic measurements in particular and provides expert input to the Occuity team

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