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Man Doing Blood Test


"My 11-year-old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is subjected to dozens of finger-prick tests and insulin injections on a daily basis. I was excited to hear about Occuity's work and any new technological developments which may make his life easier and less uncomfortable."

- Jo L -

Jo L shared her experience with dealing with diabetes and the possible benefits of the Occuity Glucose Monitor

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Why share your story?

Understanding your experiences of diabetes and your thoughts on the benefits of the non-contact, optical glucose monitor we are developing is very important to us. 

The research and development of medical devices is challenging, time-consuming and expensive. The ability to demonstrate the life-enhacing potential of our device will prove crucial in helping us recruit the best staff, secure investment and interest from potential partners and customers such as the NHS. Ultimately speeding up our work and delivery of the device.

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Ali B

 I would be extremely keen to take part in clinical trials in this new and exciting blood glucose monitoring. This would allow me to have the frequency of testing for my busy lifestyle both in and out of work without the pain I am currently enduring each day.


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Comments from our Community

Let us know your thoughts

If you're affected by diabetes or know someone who is, and want to leave us a message about your experiences with existing glucose monitoring methods and your views on our development of non-contact optical glucose monitor, we'd love to hear from you.

Stuart S.

I use the finger-prick technique to check my sugar levels. I'm really interested in your optical glucose monitor. 

Glenn H.

It sounds like a brilliant device. Continuous long term finger prick testing leaves the fingers tough and often sore at times.


My monitor sometimes has issues of accuracy...Pricking my finger really pricks both the finger and the wallet... Sometimes [it's] so tiring that we stop checking and end up with high kevel of glucose....

Sudhir G.

I hate puncturing my skin every morning to check my blood sugar. A non-invasive test would be very welcome.

Tracey H.

I would test more regularly if it was not so painful and easier to do.

Stella T.

The idea of no more sore fingertips testing my blood glucose levels is very attractive.

Peter B.

Hope your vision of no more
finger pricking becomes a reality.

Nicola S.

I am type 2 diabetic and have difficulty getting blood out of my fingers

Anthony B.

I have recently been diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic after 20 years of being Type 2. I lost 160 lbs. run 3 miles daily and eat a low carb diet. I now have to check my blood sugar multiple times throughout the day. If there was a monitor where I didn’t have to prick my finger that sounds great.

Alan C.

The development of any new tech to ease the burden of  having to finger prick several times a day is to be welcomed.

James E.

Hi I am sick of pricking my fingers. And they are getting sores. It would be great not to have to do it any more

Riad J.

I'm from Mauritius. I've been diagnosed diabetic type 2 since 2018.
Mauritius is one of the countries with the highest rate of diabetic patients.
I judge it very helpful that Occuity is working on a project of non invasive monitoring method of glucose level as I find the finger prickling method very painful.

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