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Junior Mechanical Engineer

Junior Optical Engineer

Starting May/June 20

Occuity have an opening for a junior mechanical engineer based out of our offices in  in Reading.  The role will assist the senior engineers in bringing together various stages of Occuity product range.  A sound knowledge of CAD software is required and experience of CNC milling machines would be an advantage.  The successful applicant will also likely have some experience in electronic engineering.

Starting May/June 2020

Occuity have an opening for a junior optical engineer  to help with the design and production of Occuity's optical devices.  A suitable degree in an optical speciality is a pre-requisite.
The role will be based out of our offices in the Blade in Reading or one of the company's design labs offsite.

For further information on any of the above opportunities, please email recruitment@occuity.com

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