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For the series “a chat with the team”: Jason Higginbotham

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

We were delighted when Jason Higginbotham, a renowned Optometrist and Dispensing Optician with over 30 years of experience in the field, joined us as a consultant. Having achieved a high level of academic success and worked both independently and for multiple practices, IOL clinics, hospitals and as a domiciliary optometrist, Jason joins Occuity to provide industry-leading expertise and support with design ideas, distribution and training amongst much more.

Whilst at Birmingham Optical, one of Jason's primary roles was their OCT project, recognised globally for its success and the quality of the education and training provided. Jason is recognised as an expert in the Nidek OCT.

Jason now has his own consultancy business, FYEye Ltd. He provides advice to multiple clients on a wide range of topics, from R&D and procurement, clinical training, and education, and more.

Let's have a chat with Jason!

How did you get involved with Occuity and why did you feel it was the right thing for you?

I have known Dan for a number of years and when he and the team approached Birmingham Optical for advice on developing the PM1 pachymeter and for advice on future roadmap products, I was excited to share my views. I am really enthusiastic about the product, the team, and the potential of the business. We had regular meetings as Occuity evolved and having now gone freelance, they were the first company I approached as I believe they and their products are innovative. I function best when I’m challenged and when I enjoy things. For me, this kind of technical, innovative company offers the most excitement and job satisfaction.

What is your role at Occuity and why is it important?

Good question! I offer insight from the perspective of the optometry and ophthalmology markets, both in terms of what the end-user is looking for in products and what the future direction of the product roadmap needs to be. I provide advice on global development and introduction to a large network of contacts in global distribution. I also offer insight into contracts and how best to promote products into these sectors and the healthcare environment.

What do you think about Occuity’s work so far?

Occuity have been extremely professional in their development and their growth has been incredible to watch. It’s amazing to see the interest from investors and from potential distributors and consumers. The long-term prospects for the business are huge, with some significant technical developments that will change many areas of healthcare in a positive and permanent way.

Considering your significant experience in this industry, what makes Occuity stand out?

Much of Occuity’s product roadmap is based around the eye, but not, in many cases, FOR the eye. That interests me hugely. The potential for accurate, repeatable, non-invasive testing for a broad range of common systemic diseases as well as earlier diagnosis and monitoring is immense. Diabetes and in the future Alzheimer’s are among the conditions that stand to be transformed by the technology that Occuity are developing. The reduction in cross-infection risks, time for lab tests to occur, costs of such tests and the earlier diagnosis/screening of many key conditions will be transformative.

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