We are now Overfunding

Just a day after our public launch on Seedrs, we’re delighted to announce that we have already hit our funding target.

It’s a great milestone to have achieved, but we’re not stopping there. Seedrs gives us the opportunity to continue taking on investments and overfund. We were always hopeful that our business opportunity would resonate with both our diabetes community and Seedrs investors and are delighted that this is the case.

So don’t worry if you haven’t invested yet, you haven’t missed out. Overfunding will not only give people who haven’t yet invested the chance to join us as full shareholders of Occuity, it will also help us accelerate our work, by providing funds to employ more of the best engineers, developers, and staff to push our business forwards. As such we are also delighted to welcome a key new member to the team – Jason Higginbotham.

Jason has joined Occuity as a consultant to support our efforts identifying and negotiating with the right distributors for our ophthalmic range of devices. A trained Optometrist, Jason has worked in the ophthalmic sector for over 30 years. He has owned several independent practices, worked in domiciliary eyecare, refractive surgery clinics and has worked as distributor of ophthalmic medical devices. Renowned for his knowledge and education on OCT (optical coherence tomography), Jason now provides a range of consultancy services to companies in the ophthalmic sector and beyond.

It is great for Occuity to have Jason onboard; his knowledge and industry relationships are already proving invaluable to the business.

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