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Innovating Vision: Occuity Files New Patent Application

Occuity is pleased to announce the filing of a new patent covering our novel approach to detecting and quantifying biomarkers in the eye.

The patent was filed as part of our Innovate UK supported SD1 project, which aims to develop a simple-to-use, non-invasive screening tool for diabetes.

As a highly innovative company, our intellectual property is key to ensuring our commercial success and, hot on the heels of our recently awarded patent application, this new filing marks an important step on our journey to develop a suite of screening and monitoring devices to address some of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges.

The new patent encompasses the proprietary approach used in our prototype SD1 diabetes screening device. While the detection of biomarkers in the eye is not new, Occuity’s novel approach builds on the PM1 and AX1 technology platforms that enable the development of compact, handheld devices. These advantages are critical in making future devices cost-effective.

Dr. Robin Taylor, Co-founder, and CTO of Occuity, commenting on the significance of the patent, said:

"Screening for chronic diseases is something that I and the Occuity team are very passionate about; we hope to fundamentally change the approach to healthcare with a move toward preventative medicine.

"The addition of this patent to our IP portfolio and the recent results obtained from our SD1 prototype are both very exciting and a huge step toward our long-term goal of achieving an easy to develop a cost-effective screening tool for chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.

"This is another example of a key enabling technology that is fundamental to achieving our mission of assessing someone’s health by simply performing a quick scan their eye.”

Occuity CEO, Dr. Dan Daly also commented:

"Submitting this new patent strengthens us as a leader in the burgeoning field of Oculomics and represents another important building block in our technology platform. It moves us close to our vision of using the eye as a window on the health of the body and to the creation of accessible, effective tools for disease screening."

To learn more about Occuity's patented technology and our pipeline of innovative products check out our website.

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