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The importance of early detection of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

An article posted on the Medical News Today website ( quoting a 2017 report from the US CDC clearly outlines the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes. The report goes on to state the early symptoms of Diabetes and how recognition of these symptoms coupled with early treatment and intervention can halt the damage being caused by the disease.

The report states that 84M Americans are currently classified as Pre-Diabetic - i.e with few or none of the early symptoms that are the precursor of the disease and will likely go on to develop the full disease within 5 years.

The numbers are staggering and it highlights how important devices such as Occuity's non-invasive optical pre-Diabetic screening device will be in recognising those individuals who are asymptomatic of the disease yet suffering from elevated or uncontrolled glucose levels that will in time progress to the full disease and it's associated conditions.

Occuity is confident that their screening device will not only be able to recognise pre-diabetic individuals many years before symptoms occur but potentially how long through the progression pathway those individuals are.

The medical research is clear - early diagnosis and intervention are key in halting the progression and damage of Diabetes. The cost savings across the health industry in preventing progression from Pre-Diabetes to Diabetes will be huge. To achieve these things, health professionals desperately need non-invasive diagnosis and screening tools that can identify asymptomatic Pre-Diabetics much sooner and more simply than at present. Building on their existing successful prototypes, Occuity has the expertise, IP and plan to provide those tools.

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