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Supporting Diabetes Awareness Month

As Diabetes Awareness Month draws to a close, Occuity has actively engaged in raising awareness by highlighting a shared experience: nearly all of us are likely to know someone diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. This meaningful message has been the focus of the below video featuring a number of Occuity employees.

In the United Kingdom, the prevalence of diabetes has steadily risen, with 4.3 million individuals diagnosed with the condition as of 2021, the majority of whom have Type 2 diabetes, according to Diabetes UK [1]. Beyond the diagnosed cases, it is estimated an additional 850,000 people are living with diabetes but remain undiagnosed, pushing the overall figure to surpass five million nationwide for the first time ever.

Compounding the issue, an alarming 2.4 million individuals are at an elevated risk of developing type 2 diabetes due to lifestyle factors.

The urgency to address this health crisis is emphasised by the stark statistic that someone is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes in the UK [2].

How is Occuity tackling the diabetes problem?

Occuity is actively involved in researching and developing groundbreaking handheld devices designed to track progression through subtle changes within the eye. As part of our comprehensive technology roadmap, we are currently in the process of creating a personal-use blood glucose meter, codenamed the Indigo. Setting itself apart from traditional finger-prick blood tests, Occuity seeks to introduce a non-contact, handheld optical meter capable of determining blood glucose levels by analysing subtle changes within the anterior chamber of the eye.


We have a community of over 8,000 people with diabetes who have supported us in our mission to improve the screening and monitoring of diabetes. Why not join our diabetes community, and support us as we develop our non-invasive technology?

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