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A window on your health

We’re developing solutions to some of humanity’s greatest health challenges through the invention of optical diagnostic technologies, to bring pain-free, non-contact screening & monitoring of chronic health conditions such as glaucoma, myopia, diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Occuity specialises in the research, design and production of handheld non-contact optical instruments for use in healthcare screening and monitoring.

Occuity's meters work by shining light into the eye and analysing the return signal. This enables direct measurements of the eye for optometrists and ophthalmologists but also, and perhaps more importantly, other more general health conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease to be monitored.

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Occuity's Intellectual Property includes 9 international patents covering the measurement technique and optical technology that forms the basis of the devices along with additional patents relating to the alignment and measurements within the eye.


Optical Technology


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Optometry & Ophthalmology

Non-contact optical devices

Occuity is in the process of designing and developing a range of handheld, optical, non-contact meters. Starting with a Pachymeter, the range will expand to include axial length meters, Pupillometers and Keratometers for use in both human and veterinary optometry.


Better. Easier. Safer.

Disease Screening

Non-contact diagnostics through the eye.

Building upon our patented technology, Occuity's disease screening products, will seek to make it easier and cheaper to screen for chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's in non-clinical settings such as high street pharmacies and care homes.

Better. Easier. Safer.

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Disease Monitoring

The eye provides a window to your health.

Occuity’s vision is to deliver the world’s first non-invasive, non-contacting, monitoring device for chronic diseases including diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.


Better. Easier. Safer.

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An Introduction to Oculomics

Unlocking valuable health data from the eye

At Occuity, we’re using the eye as a 'window to the health of the body'. But what does that really mean? Well, fortunately, that slightly cumbersome phrase has been rather neatly packaged in a relatively new term - Oculomics. Click below to read more.

Unlocking valuable health data from the eye

Healthcare Challenges

Occuity is developing medical devices to improve the screening and monitoring of a range of chronic health challenges including diabetes, glaucoma, myopia, and Alzheimer's disease.


The work we are doing at Occuity is hugely exciting, presenting the opportunity to deliver a step-change over the next decade in optometry practice and the way chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s are detected and managed.

Daniele De Iuliis, Design Director

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