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Occuity Partners with Argus Optik as Exclusive Distributor of PM1 Pachymeter in Hungary

Occuity is pleased to announce our partnership with Argus Optik, a leading distributor of ophthalmic instruments and optical equipment for over 25 years. Under this agreement, Argus Optik will serve as the official distributor of Occuity's ground-breaking product, the PM1 Pachymeter, in Hungary.

PM1 Pachymeter Distributor
The Argus Optik Team and Occuity COO, Mark Jenkins in Vienna

The PM1 Pachymeter is a revolutionary handheld, non-contact device that enables the swift and accurate measurement of central corneal thickness in just a matter of seconds. Unlike traditional handheld ultrasound devices, the PM1 requires no consumables and offers an unparalleled patient and practitioner experience. Its cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for multiple contacts with the cornea, making it a significant advancement in ophthalmic diagnostics. 

István Máté, General Manager of Argus Optik, stated

"The PM1 Pachymeter's advanced novel technology simplifies its usage and eliminates the requirement for disinfecting and anaesthesia eye drops. The device's handheld, non-contact features address a current gap in the field of general ophthalmic practices."

Mark Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer of Occuity, also expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “As we continue to establish partnerships with distributors across Europe and the rest of the world, we have met many potential partners. Having met István and the team at ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) in Vienna it became clear early on that we had found an excellent new partner.

Mark continued, "Argus Optik’s substantial market share and industry contacts, as well as its well-established reputation for service excellence, make it an ideal distribution partner for the PM1 in Hungary. The team are clearly as excited as we are about introducing the PM1 Pachymeter and Occuity's upcoming innovative devices, such as the AX1 Axiometer, to a wide audience in Hungary. Together, we aim to bring cutting-edge technology to practitioners and patients, ensuring they can experience the benefits of our groundbreaking solutions."

For More Information Contact:

Argus Optik

1182 Budapest, Lászlófalva utca 5.

Tel: +36 1 297 4619

About Argus Optik:

Argus Optik, is a prominent player in the ophthalmic instruments and optical equipment sector, holding a distinguished 26-year legacy of expertise. Their unwavering dedication to excellence has enabled them to secure a substantial market share in Hungary's competitive ophthalmology and optical market. The company is renowned for its extensive product line, ranging from essential primary care tools to innovative medical equipment tailored to meet the highest research, educational, and clinical demands. Their steadfast belief in the value of quality underscores their commitment, as they proudly offer one of Hungary's most comprehensive selections of ophthalmic instruments and optical equipment product lines.


The PM1 Pachymeter has been submitted for CE certification ahead of a planned market launch in 2024. For more information about Occuity and the PM1 Pachymeter, please click here.

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