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Jamie Serjeant: RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year Award

We are thrilled to announce that Jamie Serjeant, one of our talented engineers, has been honoured with the prestigious RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year award. This accolade, bestowed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, is a testament to Jamie's exceptional contributions to the field and his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

Jamie joined Occuity with a vision to innovate and transform the landscape of health diagnostics. His work on our groundbreaking optical diagnostic technologies has been instrumental in advancing our product pipeline, including the PM1 Pachymeter and the AX1 Axiometer, which aim to provide painless, contact-free screening for conditions such as glaucoma and myopia​​​​. Jamie's ability to blend technical proficiency with creative problem-solving has set new benchmarks in our R&D efforts.

In response to receiving the award, Jamie shared his gratitude and excitement for the future:

"I am incredibly honoured to receive this award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. It is a reflection of the fantastic team at Occuity who are dedicated to helping people across the world by developing innovative new products. This award was also only possible thanks to countless mentors, peers, friends and family who have supported me in my career so far and to whom I am very grateful! It is a privilege to work on engineering projects with both scale and impact and I am excited to put Occuity’s next generation devices into people’s hands."

Recognition from Peers and Leaders:

Jamie’s achievement has not only brought pride to Occuity but has also garnered accolades from industry leaders and peers.

Occuity CEO Dr Dan Daly, also commented: "Jamie’s furture plans align perfectly with Occuity's long-term goals of becoming a world leader in scientific discovery that translates innovations into commercial solutions for major health challenges. We have no doubt that as Jamie grows in his career, he will significantly broaden the scope, reach, and reputation of Occuity's activities. Our expectation is that his work will not only have a profound impact within the engineering community but will also translate into tangible clinical and commercial solutions."

A Proud Moment for Occuity:

At Occuity, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of medical technology to address some of humanity's greatest health challenges. Jamie's recognition is a reflection of our collective mission to develop pioneering solutions that make a real difference in people's lives.

This award underscores the potential and the impact that young engineers like Jamie can have on the future of healthcare. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to our mission of developing accessible and revolutionary health solutions. Jamie’s recognition is a reminder of the talent and dedication that drives Occuity and our ongoing efforts to lead in the emerging field of oculomics​​.

We invite everyone to join us in congratulating Jamie on this remarkable achievement. His success is not just a personal triumph but a reflection of the collective spirit of innovation that defines Occuity. Here’s to many more breakthroughs and to the bright future of healthcare diagnostics.

Dan Daly, concluded:

Jamie embodies the spirit of innovation that drives Occuity forward. His dedication and expertise are vital to our ongoing success and our vision of revolutionising healthcare diagnostics.

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