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Occuity launches £1.8m crowdfunding round to deliver ophthalmic and optical diabetes devices

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Today we launched a crowdfunding round to accelerate the development of new optical screening and monitoring devices that aim to detect the early signs of chronic health conditions by scanning the human eye.

Founded in 2019, Occuity has developed and patented contactless optical technology to obtain precise measurements from the eye. The target of £1.8 million sought through the Seedrs platform will help us to deliver a range of new medical devices to market that use this technology for ophthalmic examinations, diabetes management, pre-diabetes screening and, in the longer term, the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

The efforts made to achieve this mission are led by our founder and CEO Dr Dan Daly, company co-founder and CTO Dr Robin Taylor.

Our roll-out plan sees Occuity’s first device in the optometry market as a revolutionary technology able to measure corneal thickness with micrometre level precision. The device will undergo clinical testing and is expected to be approved for use in the EU by early 2022.

In 2024 we plan to launch a pre-diabetes screening device through pharmacies and opticians to allow mass testing for the emerging signs of Type 2 diabetes, with the long-term intent of introducing a personal non-invasive glucose monitor that will enable people with diabetes to monitor their blood-sugar levels without drawing blood.

We have high hopes that our research and development will also be able to support the delivery of a routine screening device capable of detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease by identifying biomarkers deposited in the eye.

In front of a such ambitious plan our CEO Dan Daly commented:

The eye provides a window into human health. Occuity’s vision is to use this window to identify chronic conditions faster and earlier with non-invasive, non-contact handheld devices, and provide tools to manage those conditions better.

There is a huge opportunity to deliver a step-change over the next decade in optometry practice and the way chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s are detected and managed.

We are inviting people who share our vision of transforming health screening to invest in our crowdfunding campaign to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.”

Our Design Director, Daniele De Iuliis, a 27-year veteran of Apple’s industrial design team, who joined Occuity in 2020 expressed his support and understanding towards our goals:

Thanks to Occuity’s ingenuity, it is becoming possible to detect and manage debilitating health conditions through a quick, non-contact eye scan.

We are developing game-changing medical devices for use in non-clinical settings and by the patient.

They will be kinder, more intuitive and more convenient than existing technologies, and they will be accessible to all.”

For more information download the complete press release document here

Please note our Seedrs crowdfunding round has now closed. However, if you are still interested in investing please contact us here

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