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Occuity Co-founder, Robin Taylor visits Primary School to inspire future generations

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Robin Taylor, Occuity Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, visited his daughter's school, Purley Church of England Primary School, to present and interact with two classes as part of British Science Week. The presentation, titled 'Engineering Success' focused on the importance of STEM subjects in primary school environments.

STEM education goes beyond teaching children science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts. By emphasizing experiential learning and practical applications, it nurtures essential skills that can be applied throughout a person's life. These skills include curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

As part of his presentation, Robin gave all children the opportunity to get hands-on by taking a corneal thickness measurement with the PM1 Pachymeter. All 28 children were very enthusiastic and took the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Robin Taylor comments:

"During my presentation, I reflected back to when I was a child - building Lego in my bedroom - to where I am now, the co-founder of a fast-growing MedTech company. My goal is to inspire a future generation of innovators and inventors."
Zara Taylor taking a corneal thickness measurement with the PM1 Pachymeter

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