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Innovating Vision: Occuity's Newest Patent Brings the Future into Focus

We are pleased to announce a key milestone in Occuity's technology development strategy has been achieved.

One of our recent patents, which covers our novel high-speed scanning approach, has been granted. As a highly innovative company, our intellectual property is key to ensuring our commercial success and this marks an important step in our journey to develop a suite of screening and monitoring devices to address some of the world's greatest healthcare challenges.

Occuity Patented Technology

The granted patent encompasses the proprietary scanning system used across our whole product portfolio. It employs a novel electro-mechanical design to facilitate precise linear scanning at over 200 scans per second.

Dr. Robin Taylor, Co-founder and CTO of Occuity, was the lead engineer on the invention and commented on the significance of this patent:

"The granting of this patent is an important step in protecting our core technologies. It's foundational to our goal of developing devices that are handheld, cost-effective and offer unparalleled portability and ease of use.
This is a key enabling technology that is fundamental to achieving our mission of assessing someone’s health by simply performing a quick scan of their eye, therefore changing the way healthcare is approached.”

Occuity CEO, Dr Dan Daly also commented:

“This patent is more than just a legal achievement; it confirms the unique nature of our technology and bolsters our market position. It also highlights our potential in the field of optical scanning and eye health and represents progress in our mission to transform the way diseases are detected, diagnosed, and managed, offering a non-invasive approach to medical diagnostics.

As we continue, we remain focused on using this patented technology in the development of non-invasive devices. Our objective is to deliver solutions that enhance understanding of health through the eye, aiding in early detection and improved management of diseases.

To learn more about Occuity's patented technology and our pipeline of innovative products check out our website.

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