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a Shareholder in Occuity

Occuity is developing novel optical technology and a range of innovative handheld, non-contacting ophthalmic, screening and monitoring devices.

If you've seen our first two products, the PM1 Pachymeter and AX1 Axiometer and believe, as we do, that these devices have huge market potential, we'd like to invite you to join us on our journey by becoming a shareholder in our business.

Whether you are an ophthalmic business owner, ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician read on to discover more about our innovative technology our product pipeline and the opportunity to invest.

 Capital is at Risk

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Technology USPs

Occuity's mission is to develop and bring to market affordable, handheld devices capable of measuring ocular parameters that presently require contacting ultrasound devices at the lower price range or expensive optical desktop models at the higher end. Following years of research, we believe the nature and pricing of these new devices and our patented technology will prove disruptive to the current optometry market.


Optical Technology


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Handheld optical non-contacting corneal thickness measurement

The first of Occuity's revolutionary optical handheld devices, the PM1 Pachymeter offers many advantages over existing ultrasound technology and allows for a non-clinical operator to take a corneal thickness measurement quickly and easily.

Our Ophthalmic Product Series


Axial Length Measurement

for Myopia

The AX1 will build upon the novel optical technology utilised within the PM1 to enable full axial length measurement - all within a compact handheld device. Utilising a similar form factor to the PM1 will help Occuity accelerate the development of the AX1.

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Includes Pupillometer and Keratometer

Following on from the PM1 and AX1, Occuity will look to add additional functionality to our technology platform. The PM2 will provide pachymetry alongside additional measurement sets which is likely to include pupillometry and keratometry. 

A closer look at the PM1...

The PM1 - Occuity's handheld, non-contacting, optical pachymeter is set to replace existing contacting ultrasound devices.

The Occuity PM1 makes it easy, fast, and safe to measure corneal centre thickness in just a few seconds. Ideal for corneal, glaucoma and cataract clinics.

Simple to use, the PM1 is held in front of the subject’s eye at a comfortable working distance. Using our patented Precision Optical Systems technology, the PM1 scans at 100-120Hz a second. To take a measurement, the operator simply touches the screen to put the pachymeter in scanning mode and holds it up to the patient’s eye. The PM1 provides feedback to help the operator to position the device correctly. Once aligned the PM1 automatically captures 200 scans each second before immediately displaying the average of these measurements along with the standard deviation (variability) figure. 


There is no risk of infection and no need to anaesthetise the eye, making the whole process much more comfortable for the operator and subject.


A closer look at the AX1...

Axial length (AXL) has been well established as the critical measurement in studies looking at the progression and control of myopia.

The Occuity AX1 will be the world's first handheld, optical, non-contact meter, capable of directly measuring axial length quickly, easily and safely.


The AX1 will provide optometrists with a superb solution for their need to accurately measure axial length to monitor the progression of myopia and provide a valuable tool for monitoring the success of orthokeratology and other treatments in reducing myopic progression.

In this video, Occuity CTO, Robin Taylor demonstrates the speed and the accuracy of the prototype Occuity AX1 Axiometer, in comparison to a leading desktop to measure the axial length of the eyeball for myopia management. Please note: The AX1 used in this video is a development model and is therefore tethered to a computer for visual output.


Webinar Recording

Occuity CEO, Dan Daly is hosted investor webinar for professionals in the Ophthalmic industry interested in investing in Occuity. Whether you are an ophthalmic business owner, ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician, you can watch the video, to find out more about our product pipeline and see the Q&A with our Dan Daly, Jason Higginbotham and Mike Riley.

View Our Seedrs Campaign

Visit our Seedrs campiagn to find out more and download our investor pack. You can invest as little as one share (£24). 

Direct Investment

 If you can self-certify as a High Net Worth or Sophisticated investor and intend to invest more than £10k, you can invest directly.


About Us

Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. This page has been approved as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 550317). Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in future.

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