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a Shareholder in Occuity

Occuity are researching and developing novel optical technology to deliver a range of innovative handheld, non-contacting ophthalmic, screening and monitoring devices.

Whether you are an ophthalmic business owner, ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician you could join us on our journey by becoming a shareholder in our business (HNWI/Sophisticated Investors).


 Read on to discover more about our innovative technology our product pipeline and the opportunity to invest with an Preferred Partner Perk.

Our Technology

Nine granted patents, five pending and one in draft.


Occuity's mission is to develop and bring to market affordable, handheld devices capable of measuring ocular parameters that presently require contacting ultrasound devices at the lower price range or expensive optical desktop models at the higher end. Following years of research we believe the nature and pricing of these new devices and our patented technology will prove disruptive to the current optometry market.

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Optical technology

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Handheld optical non-contacting corneal thickness measurement

The first of Occuity's revolutionary optical handheld devices, the PM1 Pachymeter offers many advantages over existing ultrasound technology and allows for a non-clinical operator to take a corneal thickness measurement quickly and easily.

Our Ophthalmic Product Series


Axial Length Measurement

for Myopia

The AX1 will build upon the novel optical technology utilised within the PM1 to enable full axial length measurement - all within a compact handheld device. Utilising a similar form factor to the PM1 will help Occuity accelerate the development of the AX1.

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Includes Pupillometer and Keratometer

Following on from the PM1 and AX1, Occuity will look to add additional functionality to our technology platform. The PM2 will provide pachymetry alongside additional measurement sets which is likely to include pupillometry and keratometry. 

A closer look at the PM1...

The PM1 - Occuity's handheld, non-contacting, optical pachymeter is set to replace existing contacting ultrasound devices.

The Occuity PM1 aims to make it easier, faster, and safer to measure corneal centre thickness in just a few seconds. Ideal for corneal, glaucoma and cataract clinics.

Simple to use, the PM1 is held in front of the subject’s eye at a comfortable working distance. Using our patented Precision Optical Systems technology, the PM1 scans at 100-120Hz a second. To take a measurement, the operator simply touches the screen to put the pachymeter in scanning mode and holds it up to the patient’s eye. The PM1 provides feedback to help the operator to position the device correctly. Once aligned the PM1 automatically captures 200 scans each second before immediately displaying the average of these measurements along with the standard deviation (variability) figure. 


There is no risk of infection and no need to anaesthetise the eye, making the whole process much more comfortable for the operator and subject.


Preferred Partner Investor Perks

In our current Series A investment round, Occuity have successfully raised over £2.85 million in investment capital.

We are now offering the people who are ultimately going to be using our products - including ophthalmic professionals - the opportunity to become full equity shareholders. As an Ophthalmic professional or business owner, you could also benefit from Preferred Partner Status from one of our investor perks below.

Preferred Partner Status: By becoming a preferred partner, you will benefit from a 3 month free trial of one of our innovative handheld meters. There will also be opportunities for Occuity to support experts in specific fields with ethics submissions, clinical trials and more. After the trial period, investors will have priority access to purchase our meters. 

Invest £10K+

  • PM1 Preferred Partner 

  • Meet the Founder Day

Invest £20K+

  • AX1 Preferred Partner  

  • PM1 Preferred Partner 

  • Meet the Founder Day

Offer Limited to first 25 qualifying investments. T&Cs Apply - Click Here


Ophthalmology and much more...

Occuity technology will be developed into a range of products to target markets worth an estimated £35+ billion per year.

At Occuity we have a clear vision to improve the lives of millions of people. Whilst our first products will focus on the ophthalmic market, our underlying technology promises so much more. We have a clear strategic pipeline of products to first provide an effective non-invasive solution for the screening for chronic diseases such as diabetes and ultimately to deliver a non-contacting glucose monitor.




Disease Screening

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Disease Monitoring


Conditions of Offer:


  • Offer limited to the first 25 qualifying investments.

  • Preferred Partner Status entitles the investor to a 3 month free trial of a PM1 and/or an AX1 - dependent upon level of investment - at the time when the device is available and certified in the relevant territory.

  • Preferred Partner Status entitles the investor to priority access to purchase a PM1 and/or an AX1 - dependent upon level of investment - at the time when the device is available and certified in the relevant territory.

  • No cash alternative to the offer

  • PM1 is due to be available in Europe and North America 2022. The AX1 is planned to be available in 2023. 

  • RRP of PM1 is set to be circa £3,300. RRP of AX1 is not yet defined but is expected to be in the region of c £7,500. 

  • Offer only available to direct investments made and fully paid before 31st October 2021 or made on Seedrs prior to the campaign closing. 

  • Meet the Founders Day - The date and timing of this day will be organised and arranged at the discretion of the Occuity Management Team to suit as many investors as possible. Investors will be provided with 2 tickets to attend the event that is transferable on agreement. Guests will have the opportunity to meet the founders and discuss Occuity's products and pipeline.

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