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Occuity Pachymeter In inductive charging

The Occuity

PM1 Pachymeter

Ophthalmic Series

The world’s first handheld, non-contacting, optical pachymeter.

The Occuity PM1 will make it easier, faster and safer to diagnose glaucoma by measuring corneal thickness in just a few seconds.


The first of Occuity's revolutionary handheld optical ophthalmic devices, the PM1 allows veterinarians to take corneal thickness measurements quickly and easily.

Simple to use, the PM1 is held in front of the subject’s eye at a comfortable working distance. Our advanced Precision Optical Systems intelligently aligns with the eye and, once initiated, automatically takes a measurement. Scanning at ~100Hz for just a few seconds, the PM1 captures multiple readings before clearly displaying the average of these results along with the standard deviation (variability) figure.


There is no risk of infection and no need to anaesthetise the eye, making the whole process much more comfortable for the operator and subject.

Features & Benefits

The Occuity PM1 will provide the measuring and non-contacting capabilities of existing optical desktop devices at a price point comparable to the handheld contacting ultrasound devices.


A better experience for everyone

The PM1's non-contact capabilities make it totally pain-free and a much better experience for the animal.


Measure Corneal thickness, accurately, reliably and repeatably

The Occuity PM1 in in-house testing was found capable of delivering repeatable measurements reliably and with accuracy typically within +/- 5 microns.

The PM1 will be undergoing clinical trials and CE certification in 2022.

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Pachymeter Design Front and Side.png

Desktop capability, handheld utility

The PM1’s compact design will make it easy to move and store. You can use it handheld or, if you prefer, in a slit-lamp chinrest cradle making it perfect for both clinical and non-clinical settings.


Results in just a few seconds

The PM1 utilises our patented Precision Optical Systems technology to align with the eye and measure corneal thickness in just a few seconds. With one touch, the PM1 captures 200 scans each second before instantly providing an averaged measurement.

Occuity Pachymeter In inductive charging
Website Image s- PM1.jpg
Easy to operate

Intuitive design means training takes just a few minutes

The PM1’s touchscreen interface has been thoughtfully designed making it easy and intuitive to use. Clinical staff and technicians can become proficient with just a few minutes of training.


Both for the operator and the customer

With its generous working distance, the PM1 never touches the eye – removing the potential risk of spreading infections and accidental damage to the cornea. The PM1's non-contacting capability also enhances COVID-19 safety.

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Occuity Pachymeter In inductive charging
No consumables

No cleaning, No waste, No waiting

Removing the need to contact the eye, removes the need for anaesthetic eye drops, waiting and cleaning times. This reduces costs, waste, downtime and the risk of damaging equipment through cleaning.

Wireless Charging

Ready when you need it

The Occuity PM1 will always be ready thanks to the innovative wireless charging dock. Once placed back on the cradle, the battery will charge automatically. The cradle also contains a built-in calibration artefact.

Occuity Pachymeter In inductive charging
Cost Effective

Desktop Performance, Handheld Pricing

Enjoy the accurate measuring and non-contacting capabilities of expensive optical desktop devices at a price point comparable to existing contacting ultrasound devices.

Exclusive Launch Offer


The Occuity PM1 Ophthalmic Series Pachymeter is planned for launch in 2022. If you want to be kept up to date with the latest news and information regarding the Occuity PM1 Pachymeter, please enter your details below. You will gain access to our latest brochure and our sales team will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Image Gallery


Occuity PM1 - Projected*





Multiple Contact of Cornea


Existing Handheld Pachymeters

Measurement Time

Full Measurement in seconds

Several Minutes



Risk of accidental corneal damage & infection transmission


No clinical cleaning required

Clinical cleaning required between every patient



Anaesthetic drops, cleansing wipes, replacement probes


Clinicians & Technicians

Specialist Trained Clinician Only



Specialist Training Required


TFT Touchscreen Design

Generally Basic LCD Screens

Usage Location

Clinic, Front Office, Mobile


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