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World Sight Day 2023: Focusing on Global Eye Health

Our vision, the most dominant of our senses, holds a pivotal role in every stage and aspect of our lives. Often, we fail to appreciate its significance, overlooking the simple fact that it enables us to learn, to walk, to read, to engage in education, and of course see the world around us. As we draw near to the arrival of World Sight Day hosted by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) on the 12th of October, serves as a poignant reminder of the profound value of eyesight.

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 2.2 billion individuals worldwide who experience vision impairments.

Alarmingly, nearly half of these cases involve vision impairment that either could have been prevented or remains unaddressed.

This is why we strive to raise awareness not just on World Sight Day but throughout the year. By focusing on preventive measures, early detection, and accessible eye care, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by vision impairment.

Why World Sight Day Matters

World Sight Day is a global event that encourages people to prioritise eye health and bring attention to the challenges faced by those with vision impairments. It serves as a reminder that we should never take our sight for granted and that we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to quality eye care services.

How to get involved in World Sight Day

  • Pledge to get your eyes checked: Regular eye examinations are crucial for early detection and prevention. If you're younger than 40, aim for an eye examination every two years. If you're 40 or older, it's best to have one every year.

  • Spread Awareness: Share the importance of eye health with your friends, family and on your online platforms. There are several resources, posters and tool kits freely available for download on the IAPB website.

Contrary to common belief, our eyes are not just tools for perceiving the world; they serve a deeper purpose. Science has illuminated the fact that the eye can be metaphorically regarded as a window to our health. At Occuity, we have developed patented optical technology that delves into the intricacies of the eye like never before, uncovering valuable insights that can shed light on underlying health conditions.

Occuity is proud to be pledging to #LoveYourEyes for the second year in a row. Get involved in World Sight Day by doing the same. Make a pledge and prioritise your eye health.

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