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World Council of Optometry (WCO) teams up with CooperVision to launch Myopia Management Navigator

Updated: May 23

WCO CooperVision® Myopia Management Navigator

In an exciting development for the world of eye care, the World Council of Optometry (WCO) has teamed up with CooperVision to launch an innovative tool designed to set a new standard in myopia management. The WCO CooperVision® Myopia Management Navigator is an interactive, educational resource aimed at helping eye care practitioners worldwide manage myopia more effectively. This partnership underscores the importance of comprehensive myopia management and aligns perfectly with our mission at Occuity to provide advanced solutions for eye health.

The Importance of Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a growing global concern. The World Report on Vision (2019) highlighted a staggering increase in the number of children developing myopia, suggesting it had reached epidemic proportions in some regions. Myopia is not just a simple refractive error; it's a chronic disease that requires long-term management to prevent serious eye health complications such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Effective myopia management involves three critical components: mitigation, measurement, and management.

Introducing the Myopia Management Navigator

The Myopia Management Navigator, developed by WCO in partnership with CooperVision, guides practitioners through the three M's of myopia management:

  1. Mitigation: Strategies to reduce the onset and progression of myopia.

  2. Measurement: Accurate assessment of myopia progression and its impact.

  3. Management: Interventions to control and treat myopia effectively.

This tool is rich with resources, including "Myopia Moments," webinars, and practical advice, making it an invaluable asset for eye care professionals. By subscribing to updates, practitioners can stay informed about the latest best practices in myopia management.

Explore the WCO CooperVision® Myopia Management Navigator here.

The Role of the AX1 Axiometer in Myopia Management

At Occuity, we are committed to revolutionising myopia management through our cutting-edge device, the AX1 Axiometer. This handheld, non-contact biometer is designed to provide precise, reliable measurements of axial length – a crucial factor in managing myopia progression. The AX1 Axiometer stands out for its ease of use, portability, and accuracy, making it an ideal tool for both clinical and non-clinical settings.

Why Axial Length Measurement Matters

Axial length measurement is a key indicator of the type of myopia present and myopia progression. As the eye elongates, the degree of myopia increases, leading to higher risks of eye health complications. Regular, accurate measurement of axial length helps practitioners monitor myopia progression and adjust treatment plans accordingly. Traditional methods of measuring axial length can be expensive and impractical, particularly for small children. The AX1 Axiometer eliminates these challenges by offering a non-invasive, patient-friendly solution.

How the AX1 Axiometer Enhances Myopia Management

Occuity AXL - Non contact Optical Biometer
Occuity AXL - Non contact Optical Biometer

  1. Non-Contact and Painless: The AX1 Axiometer uses optical technology to measure axial length without touching the eye, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients.

  2. Portable and Easy to Use: Its handheld design makes it convenient for use in various settings, from specialist clinics to general optometry practices.

  3. Accurate and Reliable: Provides precise measurements, essential for effective myopia management and treatment planning.

By integrating the AX1 Axiometer into their practice, eye care professionals will be able to enhance their ability to manage myopia treatments effectively, leading to better outcomes for patients.

Connecting the Dots: AX1 Axiometer and the Myopia Management Navigator

The introduction of the Myopia Management Navigator by WCO and CooperVision is a significant step forward in standardising myopia care. Coupled with the advanced capabilities of the AX1 Axiometer, practitioners now have powerful tools at their disposal to combat the myopia epidemic. The Navigator provides the educational foundation, while the AX1 Axiometer delivers the practical application, ensuring that eye care professionals can offer the best possible care.


The fight against myopia is gaining momentum with innovative tools and resources like the Myopia Management Navigator and the AX1 Axiometer. By staying informed and adopting the latest technologies, eye care practitioners can play a pivotal role in managing myopia effectively. Embrace the future of myopia management and explore the transformative capabilities of the AX1 Axiometer.

For more information about the AX1 Axiometer, visit our product page.

Explore the Myopia Management Navigator here.


By combining advanced technology with comprehensive educational resources, we can make significant strides in managing myopia and improving eye health worldwide. Let’s take action today for a clearer tomorrow.

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