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Unpacking the Hype: What Makes AX1 So Exciting?

Having recently exhibited at 100% Optical, where there was a huge amount of interest in the AX1 Axiometer™, a number of people have asked us, what 'all the excitement' is about, so we thought it would be good to answer that very question.

The AX1 will enable Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) to measure the axial length of the eyeball in just a few seconds, without any need for anaesthetic or large bulky machines. This makes it perfect, in our opinion, for the growing myopia management market...

The rise of myopia, commonly known as short sightedness, is a growing concern globally, with environmental factors playing a significant role in its incidence and progression. This article explores how lifestyle changes, particularly the shift towards more indoor activities and screen time, are contributing to the increasing rates of myopia, and highlights the importance of myopia management, including the crucial role of measuring axial length, for which technologies like Occuity's AX1 are being developed.

Environmental Factors Influencing Myopia

Recent studies and analyses, including insights from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and findings presented in various research articles, have shed light on the significant impact environmental factors have on myopia. A notable shift in lifestyle habits, with children and adults spending more time indoors engaged in close-range activities such as reading, using computers, and smartphones, has been linked to the rising prevalence of myopia​​​​.

Additionally, there's a growing body of evidence suggesting that reduced outdoor activity plays a role in myopia development. Natural light exposure is believed to be beneficial in controlling myopia onset and progression, possibly due to the release of dopamine in the retina, which inhibits excessive eye growth and thus the development of myopia​​.

The Growing Need for Myopia Management

As myopia rates continue to soar worldwide, the need for effective myopia management strategies is becoming increasingly critical. Current research into spectacle designs, contact lenses, and pharmacological treatments such as low-dose atropine eye drops are part of the efforts to control the progression of myopia in children and adolescents​​. These advancements in myopia management highlight the importance of early detection and intervention to prevent high myopia, which can lead to serious ocular complications later in life.

Axial Length Measurement: A Key to Effective Myopia Management

An important point to note, is that short-sightedness itself, is annoying, but if it is caused by the eyeball growing too large - axial myopia - then it can have potentially serious long term effect. Therefore, one of the critical factors in effective myopia management is the accurate measurement of the eye's axial length. Axial length, the distance from the anterior cornea to the retina, is a definitive indicator of myopia progression. Technologies that facilitate precise and non-invasive measurement of axial length can significantly aid in monitoring myopia progression and tailoring individualized treatment plans​​​​.

Occuity's AX1 Axiometer™: Pioneering Myopia Management

In response to the growing need for effective myopia management tools, Occuity is developing the AX1 Axiometer™. This innovative device represents a significant advancement in non-invasive, optical technology for accurately measuring axial length.

By providing quick, contactless measurements, the AX1 aims to support eye care professionals in identyfying myopia earlier and monitoring the effectiveness of treatments to slow its progression more effectively. Occuity's work in this area is particularly timely, given the increasing rates of myopia and the need for precise monitoring tools to implement effective myopia control strategies.

Looking ahead

The impact of environmental factors on myopia incidence and progression underscores the need for comprehensive myopia management strategies. With the development of technologies like Occuity's AX1 there's hope for better monitoring and management of myopia, ultimately reducing the risk of high myopia and its associated complications.

As research continues to unravel the complexities of myopia, tools that measure crucial parameters like axial length will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of myopia management.


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