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Reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Month at Occuity

If you've been keeping up with our social media updates, you are likely to have seen our posts of Occuity employees donning vibrant colours every "Wellness Wednesday" to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. In case you missed them, let's take a moment to reflect on the exciting activities and positive impact this month had on our working environment.

As you can see from the pictures below, it was a colourful affair. Each week was dedicated to a specific colour theme and the team could choose to wear the colour. So, to kick things off, we all wore red and the first day was celebrated by clocking off a little early at the end of the day to enjoy music and pizza in the office!

As the second week of May swiftly arrived, Occuity delved into another exciting activity called 'Taste of Culture.' All employees enthusiastically participated by baking or cooking their family's favourite recipes or sharing something popular from their culture. From Indian curries to French tarts and Rhubarb Crumbles to European Pastries, it proved to be a delectable opportunity, stimulating conversation about our unique backgrounds and forging connections and understanding through the universal language of food.

Week 3 bore a yellow theme and we kick-started our "Wellness Wednesday" in the morning with a 'hearty' breakfast. By this stage, it was really lovely to see our teams enthusiastically participating. Starting the morning with a communal breakfast set a noticeable tone of positivity and energy which enhanced our overall well-being throughout the day.

During Week 4 of Mental Health Awareness, we added a twist to our activities and embraced the outdoors and sunny weather. We gathered for a picnic in Forbury Park and engaged in a friendly game of rounders, with just a hint of competitiveness in the air. It was a refreshing change that allowed us to connect with nature and enjoy some healthy outdoor fun.

As Mental Health Awareness Month reached its conclusion on May 31st, we wanted to wrap up the month on a compassionate note. To align with the colourful theme, we all dressed in vibrant colours of the rainbow. As part of this closing activity, we encouraged everyone to give back to the community in a slightly different way. We extended an invitation for our teams to bring in donations to support a local food bank and requested good-quality clothes and toys to benefit a local charity. By engaging in this small act of kindness, I think we made a positive impact, not just on our own wellbeing, but hopefully on the wellbeing of those in need within our community.

Nupur Bhattacharya, HR and Recruitment Co-ordinator and main organiser of the event commented:

During the last month, we saw the value in encouraging employees to disconnect from work and reconnect with each other through the engagement in various social activities. It allowed us to prioritise our well-being, strengthen connections with our colleagues, and create a supportive atmosphere. By engaging in enjoyable activities and acts of kindness, we were able to foster a culture that values mental health and recognises the importance of community. There was a notable lift in our already postive mood and exciting buzz about the office.

Whilst we reflect on a fun, enjoyable and successful, Mental Health Awareness Month at Occuity, we recognise it is important to remember that mental health awareness isn't confined to a single month—it's a year-round commitment. So, this is just the start, we are committed to continuing to embrace positivity, compassion, and understanding for those around us and helping out employees flourish in and out of work.


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