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"Rapidly escalating" - Diabetes crisis hits 5 million people.

A report published by Diabetes UK earlier this month revealed that the incidence of diabetes in the UK has exceeded five million for the first time ever, which is said to be attributed to increased levels of obesity.

The organization has expressed concern that the country is in a “rapidly escalating diabetes crisis” as the figure reached this record-breaking number.

2021/22 figures show that 4.3 million people are living with diabetes in the country, with an additional 850,000 individuals who are unaware they have the condition.

The situation is particularly concerning because untreated Type 2 Diabetes, which accounts for approximately 90% of cases, can lead to serious complications including heart disease, kidney failure, and blindness, making it a significant public health concern. Diabetes UK also estimates that there are a further 2.4 million at risk of developing the condition.

Chris Askew OBE, our Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, said:

These latest figures show we’re in the grip of a rapidly escalating diabetes crisis, with spiralling numbers of people now living with type 2 diabetes and millions at high risk of developing the condition.

This news highlights the urgent need for increased awareness and prevention efforts, as well as improved support and resources for those already living with diabetes. It is important that individuals take steps to reduce their risk of developing diabetes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Additionally, those with diabetes must receive adequate support and resources to manage their condition effectively, including access to medication, regular health check-ups, and education on healthy lifestyle choices.

As a society, we must work together to address this growing health crisis and prioritize the prevention and management of diabetes for the health and well-being of individuals across the UK. As diabetes is on the rise globally, at Occuity we are working on a solution that will offer pain-free, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and screening. Discover our technology or support our work by joining our diabetes community to help us with future surveys, trials and studies.

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