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  • Richard Kadri-Langford

Physics World: Alistair Bounds: Leading the Charge in Oculomics

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the Occuity team! Our Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Alistair Bounds, was invited to write a feature article for Physics World on the emerging field of oculomics. This invitation is a testament to the groundbreaking work we are doing and the growing recognition of oculomics as a transformative approach to health diagnostics.

Oculomics is the study of eye-based diagnostics and allows us to detect and monitor a variety of chronic conditions in a way that is both comprehensive and comfortable for patients. At Occuity, we believe that the eyes are a powerful window into the overall health of the body. This belief drives our commitment to developing non-invasive, handheld devices that utilise optical technology to unlock vital health data from the eye.

Occuity CEO, Dr Dan Daly, commeneted: "We are incredibly proud of Dr. Alistair Bounds for his contribution to Physics World. His feature article, "Oculomics: A Window to the Health of the Body," dives deep into the science behind oculomics and its potential to revolutionise healthcare. This recognition from such a prestigious publication underscores the significance of our work and the impact it can have on global health."

In the article, Alistair outlines the foundational principles and advancements in oculomics, explaining how this emerging field leverages eye-based diagnostics to detect and monitor a variety of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular issues. He delves into the science behind the technology, detailing how biomarkers in the eye can provide critical insights into the overall health of the body. Alistair also highlights the non-invasive nature of these diagnostic methods, which not only enhance patient comfort but also facilitate earlier and more accurate detection of diseases. Furthermore, he discusses the potential impact of oculomics on global healthcare, emphasising the importance of early detection and continuous monitoring in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs

Having Alistair's work featured in Physics World is not just an achievement for him, but for all of us at Occuity. It helps increase awareness of our activity and interest in the pioneering technologies we are developing.

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