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Occuity Unveils Revolutionary AX1 Axiometer™ Prototype in New Demonstration Video

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The ability to 'measure axial length in...seconds' is a prospect that is getting Optometrists excited across the globe. This prospect has taken a significant step forward to becoming a reality with the official unveiling of an exciting demonstration video showing Occuity's groundbreaking AX1 Axiometer Prototype, doing just that.

The Occuity AX1 Axiometer™ will be the world's first handheld, optical, non-contact meter, capable of directly measuring axial length quickly, easily and safely.

The revolutionary AX1 device promises to reshape the landscape of myopia management and is set to become an indispensable tool for eye care professionals worldwide.

First showcased as a tethered prototype at 100% Optical in February 2023, the new AX1 Axiometer™, demonstration video, marks a major milestone in Occuity's journey. The fact that it is now in its final fully handheld format and provides accurate and repeatable axial length measurements that a directly comparable to a significantly larger and more expensive desktop device, signifies not only the progress of the AX1 but also the remarkable growth of Occuity as a company.

If you have been following our journey, you will know that the path to this achievement was not without its challenges. In fact, perhaps for obvious reasons, some industry insiders said it couldn't be done. The fact that it is now delivering excellent results is a testament to the exceptional work of Occuity's hard-working team, led by CTO Dr. Robin Taylor. The development of the AX1 Axiometer™ saw the proven technology used within the PM1 Pachymeter combined with technology being developed for Occuity's glucose meter.

The AX1 Axiometer™ is a prime example of the company's relentless pursuit to deliver a range of handheld non-contact optical instruments to improve healthcare screening and monitoring.

As myopia rates continue to surge, with an estimated half of the world's population predicted to be affected by 2050, the AX1 Axiometer™ is poised to make a significant impact on the eye care industry.

Occuity's unwavering dedication to innovation and its ability to meet the evolving needs of eye care professionals make the AX1 Axiometer™ a vital tool in the ongoing battle against myopia by 'measuring axial length in seconds'.

This breakthrough enables eye care professionals to conveniently measure the axial length of their patient's eyes, a crucial measurement used for myopia screening and monitoring. Just as importantly, it can also be used for evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of treatments. By taking accurate readings of axial length the AX1 equips optometrists with a solution that existing technology does not satisfy. Furthermore, its portable design enhances its usability, particularly for examining young children.

Robin Taylor and Dan Daly
Dr. Robin Taylor and Dr. Dan Daly (left to right)

Occuity's journey into the world of optical monitoring & diagnostic devices began in 2019 when founders, CTO, Dr. Robin Taylor and CEO, Dr. Dan Daly embarked on a mission to address unmet needs in the field. Whilst the AX1 Axiometer™ was not initially part of the company's product pipeline, as the company grew, through research and conversations with key opinion leaders, the pressing need for a device focused on myopia screening, monitoring, and effective management was highlighted.

Robin concluded: "As the need for an axial length meter became apparent the team worked diligently to build this prototype. Whilst there is still a lot of work to be done, the rapid development of the prototype and its excellent performance is quite frankly a massive achievement and testament to the company's commitment to technological development and its vision for the future."


Are you attending The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual meeting in San Francisco next month? Let's meet! Arrange a meeting with Occuity's COO, Mark Jenkins via this link.

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