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Occuity unveil updated designs for new optical handheld pachymeter

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, Occuity remain on track to bring the world's first optical handheld pachymeter to market next year. With the technology already tested and working in previous prototypes, Occuity are now beginning to benefit from the experience of their new head of design, ex-Apple senior designer Daniele De Iuliis, who has been working on the final production design for the first of Occuity's planned devices.

As can be seen, the new touchscreen design marks a dramatic shift from the original functional prototypes and represents a clear vision of how the Occuity family of non-invasive diagnostic devices will look in the future.

For further information, refer to the Occuity website at www.occuity.com or contact Dan Daly at dan.daly@occuity.com.

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