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Occuity show prototype optical handheld pachymeter taking corneal measurement from model eye

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Occuity have released a video showing the fully handheld optical pachymeter prototype taking the corneal measurement from a model eye. As the device has yet to undergo safety tests it is not yet possible to use it on a live patient so a false eye has to be used for the current tests. The video clearly displays that the patented alignment techniques and scanning technology works well in the prototype giving accurate thickness measurements well within the required accuracy to pass the clinical trials in due course. The device shown is the last prototype prior to the pre-production units and allows for further testing and development of the camera and screen technology along with increases in scanning speeds set to be included in the final version planned for later this year.

The video shows Robin Taylor, Occuity's CTO turning the device on and triggering the data collection from the phantom eye and displaying the corneal thickness measurement of 324 micrometres with a standard deviation of +/- 4.4 micrometres.

For more information on the pachymeter or on Occuity please contact Dan Daly -

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