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Occuity Selected as Finalist for 'Hard Tech Investment of the Year' at UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2024

Updated: Jul 4

We’re delighted to announce that Occuity has been selected as a finalist for the Hard Tech Investment of the Year award at the prestigious UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2024. The awards honour the founders and early-stage investors whose disruptive innovations have made significant impacts in research-intensive and capital-intensive sectors.

Understanding the UKBAA and Its Importance

The UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) is the national trade association representing angel and early-stage investment in the UK. With a mission to build and promote the angel investment community, UKBAA supports investors and entrepreneurs through advocacy, education, and events that foster innovation and growth. The annual Angel Investment Awards are a cornerstone of this mission, celebrating the success, innovation, and determination of the angel and early-stage investment community.

The Judging Process

The judging process for the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards is rigorous and thorough. A panel of esteemed judges, comprising industry experts and seasoned investors, evaluate each nominee on several criteria, including innovation, market potential, and impact. Being selected as a finalist is a testament to the transformative potential of our technology and the unwavering support from our angel investors.

Dan Daly, CEO of Occuity said: “Angel investors have played a critical role in our journey to date. Their belief in our vision and support of our mission to use the eye as a window to the health of the body has been instrumental. It is essential that our investors share our vision and believe in the potential of Oculomics to improve the lives of millions of people. This recognition by the UKBAA underscores the importance of having investors who are not only financially supportive but also deeply committed to our long-term goals.”

The Importance of Shared Vision and Belief

At Occuity, we are dedicated to leveraging our innovative technology platform to create non-invasive, painless screening and monitoring solutions for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and myopia. Our technology utilises the eye as a unique window to the health of the body, providing critical insights that can lead to better health outcomes for millions of people.

The support from our angel investors has been crucial in bringing our vision to life. Their commitment to our mission and belief in the potential of our technology have enabled us to make significant strides in developing our solutions. This shared vision and belief are what drive us forward and allow us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of Oculomics.

Join Us at the Awards

The UKBAA Angel Investment Awards will be held on 3rd July 2024 at the Science Museum in London. It promises to be a night of celebration and recognition of the incredible achievements within the angel investment community. We are honoured to be among the finalists and look forward to celebrating with our peers and supporters.

Find out more about the Awards and see the other finalists here: [UKBAA Angel Investment Awards](

We extend our thanks to the UKBAA and our angel investors for their continued support. Together, we are making a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare.

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