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Occuity Recognised as a Top 13 European MedTech Startup to Watch by Sifted (Financial Times)

Occuity is delighted to have been featured as one of the top 13 European ‘MedTech startups to watch’ by Sifted, a renowned publication of the Financial Times. This recognition of our hard work and significant strides in the field of medical technology is most welcome.

Source: Sifted MedTech Briefing
Source: Sifted MedTech Briefing

The Sifted List:

Sifted, known for its authoritative coverage of European startups and technology trends, today published a comprehensive MedTech market briefing to highlight some of the most promising companies in the industry. Among an esteemed list of startups, Occuity was delighted to have been recommended as “one to watch”.

Occuity CEO Dan Daly commented:

“The briefing highlights that the European MedTech market is made up of roughly 34k companies, so for Occuity to have been recognised in this way is fantastic and validates the company's significant developments in the field of eye health. We are particularly delighted as we’re working on some really exciting technologies with our first product launching this year.”

Aiming for Global Impact:

Occuity's recognition by Sifted underscores the company's ambition to have a global impact on the MedTech landscape. By combining cutting-edge non-contact optical technologies with a patient-centric approach which prioritises both practitioner and patient experience, we believe Occuity is at the forefront of transforming how elements of eye health are managed, not only in Europe but also worldwide.

At Occuity, we recognise that we are just at the start of our story, and news such as this is a testament to the dedication to excellence and the hard work of our talented team. We will continue to innovate in the field of non-invasive diagnostics, particularly in eye health, and are confident we can make a lasting impact on global healthcare, offering hope for improved diagnoses, treatments, and ultimately, a better quality of life for patients.


To access the full briefing and to subscribe to a free Pro Sifted Licence - please click here


If you have been following our journey and would like to invest in Occuity, you can find out more here

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