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Occuity Partners with Medilens Nordic as Exclusive Distributor of PM1 Pachymeter in Scandinavia

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Occuity is pleased to announce our partnership with Medilens Nordic, a leading distributor of ophthalmic equipment. Under this agreement, Medilens Nordic will serve as the official distributor of our ground-breaking product, the PM1 Pachymeter, in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian markets.

Kent Maack, Managing Director at Medilens Nordic

The PM1 Pachymeter is a revolutionary handheld, non-contact device that enables the swift and accurate measurement of central corneal thickness in just a matter of seconds. Unlike traditional handheld ultrasound devices, the PM1 requires no consumables and offers an unparalleled patient and practitioner experience. Its cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for multiple contacts with the cornea, making it a significant advancement in ophthalmic diagnostics.

Kent Maack, Managing Director at Medilens Nordic, stated,

Occuity’s innovative devices are an exciting edition to our portfolio of products. We are confident the PM1 Pachymeter will be of great interest to our customers. It’s ease of use, superb design and the fact it requires no consumables nor anaesthetic drops makes it truly stand out from the current pachymeters on the market.

Maack continued, "We foresee a great interest and clinical need both from ophthalmologists and clinical oriented optometrists who want to be in the forefront of patient and user-friendly devices. "

Mark Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer of Occuity, also expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "We’re talking to multiple distributors and Medilens Nordic clearly stood out as fantastic partners for Occuity. This collaboration will introduce the PM1 Pachymeter and Occuity’s pipeline of future devices such as the AX1 Axiometer to a wide audience in the Nordic countries, ensuring that more practitioners and patients can benefit from our ground-breaking technology."

For More Information Contact:

Medilens Nordic


The PM1 Pachymeter has been submitted for CE certification ahead of a planned market launch in summer 2023. For more information about Occuity and the PM1 Pachymeter, please click here.

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