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Occuity gains EIS approval for UK Investment

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

On the 9th April 2020 Occuity received confirmation that the initial rounds of investment in Occuity were approved by HMRC under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Although not a guarantee of future EIS certification the approval provides investor assurance that the business and development of Occuity meets the requirements for investments under the EIS scheme providing up to 30% of income tax relief or capital gains tax rollover relief.

Dan Daly, CEO of Occuity commented

"We are delighted to receive approval from HMRC so quickly for the EIS investments to date. Whilst not a guarantee of further investment round approval, we are committed to ensuring Occuity remains within the guidelines required to maintain our EIS certification and do not foresee any reason why this status should change in any future investment rounds."

For further information on the tax benefits of investing under EIS please see the government website here

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