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National Eye Health Week

What is your Eye Q? That’s the question being asked as part of National Eye Health Week which runs from Monday 19th September to Sunday 25th September 2022.

The week provides all of us with an opportunity to talk about eye health and lifestyle changes which could just help to save our sight in later life.

With more than two million people in the UK living with a degree of sight loss which is severe enough to impact daily living that’s a conversation which is well worth having.

Particularly so when you consider that over half of all sight loss is preventable.

Each day of the week has a theme covering areas from kid’s eye health to vision and driving, and from eye health and menopause to living with low vision. Along the way, the week also looks at the effects of minor eye conditions. Central to the discussion on FrEYEday 23 September comes the launch of an Eye Q Report which looks at ‘how smart we are when it comes to looking after our vision and eye health.’

Those looking to join in the conversation might want to start by trying the quick eye health and sightseeing calculators available on the Vision Matters website. But remember these are not a substitute for a professional eye test.

At Occuity we’re using our patented optical technology to look into the eye like never before to look at the eye itself, but also to reveal clues about underlying health issues. Our technology enables pain-free, non-contact disease screening and monitoring devices that will make it easier, quicker and safer to screen and monitor common eye health conditions such as glaucoma and myopia.

Ultimately, we hope our technology will also allow for the screening and monitoring of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s through the analysis of subtle changes within the eye. Discover our technology here.

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