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For the series “a chat with the team”: Dan Daly, CEO and Co-Founder

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Dr. Dan Daly, our CEO and Co-Founder, has studied and worked in the field of optical metrology and opto-electronics for over 25 years. Dan has a PhD in Micro Optics from Kings College in London and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.

Dan Daly, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Initially Dan studied and worked in the field of micro-optics as well as the broader Optoelectronics industry for over 15 years. During this time, he also spent 3 years as a Project Manager at the National Physical Laboratory and published a book on “Micro lens Arrays”.

Dan has worked in Switzerland and the UK for both large and small organisations in various roles as both CTO and CEO. In 2019 he co-founded Occuity with Dr Taylor with the aim of creating handheld, non-contacting optical devices to improve screening and monitoring of chronic health conditions such as Diabetes and Alzheimer's.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Dan and ask him for some insights. Read below all we got to discuss!

Q&A with Dan Daly:

Why did you decide to develop a MedTech device? Had you always wanted to work in this field?

The goal was to find an application for optical measurements that would help a lot of people in a very tangible way. When you start to think about this, improving someone’s health is the best way to make a difference.

Why did you decide to focus on Diabetes?

In most areas of medicine you make a measurement once to make a diagnosis. Diabetes treatment is unusual in that a person with diabetes has to measure their glucose levels regularly, often many times per day in order to keep healthy.

How does it feel now to see your start-up grow so much?

It’s a wonderful feeling to start from just an idea and to see the company take shape and grow. And the strength of community we’re building - not only within the internal team but also with our investors and partners – gives a very strong base for our future growth. That’s why crowdfunding works for us, we want people within the diabetes community who will benefit from our meters to join us for this journey.

Where did the name "Occuity" come from?

It’s based on the words “ocular”- i.e. the eye - and “acuity”, insight or sharpness. It encapsulates what we’re doing with our measurement systems.

What are your ideas for the future of Occuity?

We have large, global ambitions for Occuity. The problems we are addressing – particularly Diabetes – are global issues and the only way to effectively address them is to work on a global scale.

What is important to you when recruiting new people?

Our people are the ones making Occuity work. We are therefore very selective in our recruitment process, and this is already paying off in the speed with which our products are being developed. We need people who are not only technically skilled in their specialism, but who also have the passion to create something meaningful and worthwhile.

What are Occuity’s goals? Our goals are to make a material difference to the lives of the many people suffering from life-long conditions such as Diabetes. Our technology can enable them to live longer and healthier lives. Our responsibility is to make that happen.

To meet more of our team and find why they chose to work at Occuity click here.

Want to join the team? Check out our Careers website.

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