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Occuity provides win-win opportunity for three new summer interns

At Occuity, we are proud to call Reading our base, and as such are keen to foster strong relationships with local and regional universities in addition to other local centres of learning excellence.

HR & Recruitment Manager, Beverly Thomson comments:

"These internships provide a true win-win opportunity and we’re delighted to welcome 3 new student interns to the Occuity family. We’re excited to give them the opportunity to get hands on experience, learn new skills and see them flourish as they take real ownership of tasks and projects during their time with us."
Lydia Drakog, Beverley Thomson, Rehaam Kashif, Tariq Hilmi (left to right)

Over the past few weeks, we first welcomed Tariq Hilmi, who joins us from the University of Surrey, where he is studying for his PhD in Astrophysics. Tariq is working with us to help develop and extend a holistic Monte Carlo optical model for the measurement of Central Corneal Thickness of the human eye. His work will allow Occuity to provide data to show system capabilities and boundaries and therefore reduce the amount of verification testing required. Tariq is already delivering impressive results and is augmenting an API to become a tool for performing simulations on multiple models.

Rehaam Kashif joined the Occuity team on 15th August as a summer intern to work within the Marketing team. Rehaam is currently studying towards her Bachelors’ degree in Business and Management at the University of Reading. Whilst she is with us, Rehaam will be getting hands-on conducting research and analysis into Occuity’s product markets. She will also be supporting our digital marketing activities by undertaking website maintenance, GA Analysis and SEO optimisation in addition to helping us with events, webinars and database management.

On joining Occuity Rehaam commented,

“I feel privileged for the opportunity Occuity have given me to expand upon the marketing knowledge and skills I have learnt at university by applying them in a practical environment as well as providing me new learning experiences.”

Finally, Lydia Drakog was welcomed to the Occuity team on 22nd August. Lydia also joins us from the University of Reading where she is entering the final year of her degree in Business and Management. Lydia has joined the HR & Recruitment team where she will be working on various projects to assist in the recruitment, training and development of our world-class team. In particular, Lydia will be assisting us with the recruitment of new team members; assisting in the design and delivery of a training and development programme and research and delivery on numerous other ad-hoc projects - in addition of course to researching further suitable internship programmes and university link-ups.

We would like to welcome the three newest additions to the Occuity family and wish them every success in their time with us.

To meet more of our team, click here. Want to join the team? We explore our vacancies on our careers site.

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