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  • Richard Kadri-Langford

Brand new look for Occuity

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

As you may have seen on our website, e-mail newsletters and social media, we’ve recently revisited, reviewed and refreshed the Occuity brand.

We went further than simply developing a stylish new logo and brand style by taking the opportunity to get the team together and really look at the fundamentals of what we are doing and why we are doing it. Essentially answering the question – who and what is Occuity? It proved to be a hugely valuable exercise that unearthed some great points of view, observations and values that our team, and therefore our company, seek to stay true to.

As our conversations went on, one thing became fundamentally clear, the team’s commitment to delivering products that have a real impact. Whilst our technical specialities are predominantly focused around technologies that use light to make measurements, it was discovered that the opportunity to use our technical knowledge for something worthwhile was a crucial motivator for our people. We all firmly believe that our products have the potential to radically improve the lives of millions of people – across the globe.

Through our discussion we ironed out our founding vision for Occuity:

Occuity's mission is to provide solutions to some of humanity's greatest health challenges through the development of novel optical technologies which improve the screening & monitoring of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Whilst our vision may sound grandiose, we believe it’s not only true, but that it’s valuable, achievable and completely worthwhile.

In fact, a popular view arose that with the combination of our patented technology, the expert team we have assembled and with the impact our devices could have, we actually have a responsibility to accelerate our work and make the lives of millions of people better.

Our vision statement was distilled from the core values we identified – innovation, humanity and accessibility.

Innovation - We value being at the forefront of technology. Working on novel optical systems to achieve greater precision to lead a revolution in our field.

Humanity – We value life. Our aims are big - to tackle some of the world’s major health problems – and we’re driven by bettering the quality of life of the global population.

Accessibility - We value thoughtful design that seamlessly fits around anyone’s daily routine, and have a vision that accessible, mobile diagnostic health devices will make repetitive, invasive monitoring a thing of the past.

It is our ambition that Occuity’s work will help people feel more empowered, with our technology giving them the freedom and control to monitor their health conditions on their terms. With access to instant information whenever they need it, people will be more informed and as our solution will represent an end to painful invasive tests, be able to lead more comfortable, unencumbered lives.

We’ve encapsulated our vision and values into a brand that communicates what is important to us and therefore what Occuity stands for. The brand visuals cleverly hint at two elements integral to all of our devices – light, and the eye. The imagery we use will also play a key role in communicating the benefits of our products – namely enabling people to live happier, healthier lives by reducing the negative impacts of some of humanity’s greatest health challenges.

With these firm foundations in place and a new way to express them agreed, the future for Occuity is an exciting one.

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