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Beverley Thomson, Recruitment Manager

Beverley Thomson has worked within the field of optics for 3 years. She holds a degree in Anthropology from the University of Durham.

Beverley began her career as an Equity Analyst with the asset management industry, with responsibility for analysing UK Aerospace & Defence, Industrials and Engineering stocks. After 7 years she moved across into asset management executive search, working with a number of the top global asset management houses to source their top talent at the global, regional, country and channel head level. Beverley's asset management search career culminated in her founding and running her own successful asset management executive search business in the City in 2013, which she ran until 2016.

Since then, Beverley's talent acquisition experience has spanned a number of different industries, including management consulting and FMCG, before moving into the field of optics in 2018.

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