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Exploring innovation: insights from three days of job shadowing at Occuity

Job Shadowing at Occuity

At Occuity, we're not just passionate about our technology and our products. We're equally passionate about our people, and the many great supporters we have made on our journey so far. We always look for opportunities to 'pay it forward', and one way we have done this is by inviting a number of students and interns to join us. So, when one of our contacts approached us to say their daughter had expressed an interest in spending a few days with us to find out more about our work, we welcomed her with open arms.

And so it was that last week Shreya Shah, a poised and highly driven student, embarked on a dynamic three-day job shadowing experience at Occuity. With unwavering motivation, Shreya delved into all areas of the company, embracing its multifaceted spectrum of roles, from engineering to quality control.

As a means of reflecting on her time at Occuity, we asked Shreya to write a blog post about her time with us. This piece offers a glimpse into her personal encounters and takeaways from her recent visit to our Reading offices.


With the overabundance of information online and my wide range of interests, I have found it near impossible to figure out what exactly I want to study at university. As someone who loves science and helping people, becoming a doctor seemed like a good route for me. However, I also love learning about business, economics, and product design. I recently discovered biomedical technology and engineering, and it seemed to be the perfect amalgamation of my passions and interests.

I first heard of Occuity through my dad, who is an award-winning behavioural optometrist and investor in Occuity. As I realised my passion for biomedical technology and enterprise, my dad mentioned the revolutionary work that Occuity is doing to advance ophthalmic healthcare. Having looked at their website, I instantly knew I wanted to come to Reading and see the company. Visiting Occuity and seeing, firsthand, the production of the AX1, and other devices, was an experience like no other. As a nervous 17-year-old commuting from London, I was immediately put at ease by the calm and friendly environment.

Everyone in the company was more than happy to take time out of their day to show me their jobs and teach me about their work in Occuity.

I spent time learning about each stage of production and how to take a medical device from a dream to a product that has the potential to transform the delivery of eye care. I was amazed by the PM1, which is almost market ready, and its aesthetic, intuitive design. Having seen my dad struggle with the large machines that currently measure corneal thickness, I could immediately realise how this device would streamline his work. Seeing the potential of the AX1 and SD1, which are in earlier stages of development, blew me away even more.

I loved spending time with the (genius) engineering team in R&D, where I learned about the design and manufacture of the products and the precision of building the technology. I also spent time with the quality control team, where I learned about the regulations surrounding medical devices and the administration required to run a successful, transparent company. I additionally learned about the company’s work to drive engagement with the business through social media marketing. Finally, I was able to talk to the human resources team, where I learned about the extraordinary culture of the business and how all of the teams worked together with the same goal.

My personal highlight was spending time with the engineering team, where I got to get hands-on and actually built some parts used to progress the development of the AX1 Axiometer and learn about the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D-printing in technology development. I loved spending time with teams and people across the start-up.

The work that Occuity are doing is amazing but the culture and environment here are truly unrivalled. There is a genuine passion for Occuity’s purpose throughout every member of staff and I always felt comfortable offering my own ideas and opinions.

My time at Occuity really inspired me and I am now even more excited about following my passion in biomedical technology. "

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