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For the series “a chat with the team”: Wioleta Nocny-Warner

Wioleta Nocny-Warner
Wioleta Nocny-Warner

We are delighted to introduce Wioleta Nocny-Warner, who recently joined us as a Manufacturing Technician. Given Occuity's commitment to in-house device manufacturing, her role plays a pivotal part in our production process. She will oversee various mechanical and optical assembly and test procedures and will be responsible for meticulously documenting assembly and test data, making detailed observations, and compiling reports. Wioleta will work closely with our engineering and quality teams. Her dedication and skillset have already demonstrated her as a valuable asset to our team.

We had a chance to catch up with Wioleta and reflect on her experiences being part of the manufacturing team at Occuity and what project excites him the most.

How did you get involved in Occuity, and why did you feel it was right for you?

Martin, who is also a Manufacturing Technician at Occuity, worked together previously and I heard so much about the passion and excitement that I wanted to become a part of it. It’s great to be a part of a company that provides innovative healthcare solutions that improve the quality of life. Everyone is open and welcoming!

What is your position at Occuity and why is your role important?

I currently work as a Manufacturing Technician. My role is an important part of the production department allowing me to demonstrate that the devices are designed and developed correctly.

What do you find most exciting or unique about Occuity's technology/products?

I am very excited to be a part of Occuity and make a difference daily. I am a big fan of animals, especially dogs and I love that Occuity has a road map of products that include a device which could be potentially used in veterinary practices. It’s great to be a part of the Occuity team.

What do you believe sets Occuity apart from other companies in a similar field?

Occuity is an ambitious and driven company with innovative healthcare solutions, comprised of a dedicated team of highly passionate, open, and welcoming individuals. They are committed to making a positive impact in people's lives every day.

Do you want to work within an extremely high calibre team, who are all working together on cutting-edge technology to deliver world-leading products? If the answer is 'yes', then we want to hear from you. Check out our careers site.

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