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For the series “a chat with the team” Varun Narasimhan

Varun Narasimhan, a recent graduate of Imperial College London with a Master's in Biomedical Engineering, has had an exciting week, learning that he has received a distinction for his thesis. His thesis focused on leveraging machine vision cameras for seamless motion capture and classification.

In addition to his academic achievements, Varun completed an 8-week Embedded Engineering internship at Occuity, which ultimately led to him securing a full-time role as a Junior Engineer. Varun's educational background has equipped him with a diverse skill set, including research and development, proficiency in medical science, coding, mathematical modelling, and medical device design. He is passionate about advancing medical technology through innovation and has an interest in prioritising sustainable solutions. His commitment to driving innovation in healthcare engineering makes him a valuable asset to the Occuity engineering team.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Varun and discuss why he decided to embark on an internship at Occuity and what skills he learned over the 8-week placement.

How did you discover the internship opportunity at Occuity?

Initially, my interest leaned towards a full-time position. However, after discussions with Beverley Thomson, Occuity's HR & Recruitment Manager, she suggested that a short internship placement would be more suitable, considering that I was still in the final stages of completing my Master's in Biomedical Engineering.

How did you balance writing your Master's thesis and completing an internship at Occuity?

It was initially challenging to join Occuity for an internship whilst I was in the midst of doing my thesis project, but it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. I have also always wanted to work on revolutionary R and D in cutting-edge medical technology and optical light-based medical technology and machine learning have fascinated me since I first began learning about them, so using them in my thesis was a very insightful experience.

Thanks to the immensely helpful support from my university and Occuity, I successfully completed my degree and internship simultaneously. I am super excited to now be able to continue improving my skills and using them to develop new optical medical technology devices in the real world, as Occuity's newest junior engineer!

What aspects of Occuity's work and mission attracted you to apply for this internship?

Engaging in the research and development of new cutting-edge medical technology offered a unique and compelling opportunity to leverage my programming and design skills to real-world applications.

What specific skills or learning experiences have you gained/developed during your time as an intern at Occuity?

During the 8-week placement as an Embedded Engineer at Occuity, I gained valuable experience in several key areas. I sharpened my skills in MATLAB App programming, conducted thorough work on circuit design and testing, and significantly improved my proficiency in Arduino programming.

How does Occuity's focus on innovation and technology align with your career interests and aspirations?

It fits very well with my goals for my career. I really want to go into the development of new medical technology that can make medical processes easier for clinicians and patients. Occuity’s dedication and focus towards new innovations and producing revolutionary medical technology is precisely the sort of work I want to be a part of. I want to develop and build my own new technology that can change the way processes are done as well.

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