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For the series “a chat with the team”: Mike Riley

Mike has grown his immense knowledge by working in the Optometry and Ophthalmology sector at a senior commercial level for over 25 years. His position at Occuity is our first ever commercial sales role as the Director of International Sales, where he will be responsible for everything sales and distribution moving forward. He believes that his passion for the optical industry and essentially eventually helping the patient, is what keeps him focussed on developing his knowledge within the sector.

Mike describes the MedTech industry as being “very incestuous where partnerships are preferred over relationships and that level of professionalism, personality, trust, flexibility and that much required business skill of “a good sense of humour” is what has carried him to where he is today.”

Let's have a chat with Mike to get to know him a bit better.

How did you get involved in Occuity and why did you feel it was the right thing for you?

When the opportunity at Occuity arose, it was clear that even though the company was at an early phase in its life, the product pipeline had been clearly thought through and was focused on areas of clinical growth and patient needs. However, one of the key reasons for me joining, was that every person who I spoke to already ensconced within the business, was fully aligned and clearly on the same path, which was an incredibly refreshing dynamic.

What is your position at Occuity and why is your role important?

Director – International Sales

My role is the 1st commercial sales role within the company and essentially it's my job to ensure that once the product is ready for market and sales, we have confirmed orders and revenue lined up for the first available volumes of the PM1 to start with. Alongside this I will be searching Globally for the best partners/distributors for our initial and future products and ensuring that we are marketed to the right people at the right time to gain as much distribution and market awareness of the brand as possible.

What excites you the most about your job and Occuity?

The role itself is a natural progression for me within my career path so far and will enable me to utilise all the partnerships and contacts that I have made in my career. The one thing I love more than anything else, is being in front of potential customers talking to them about game changing technology and how it can help them in their day to day roles and ultimately their patients lives.

The pipeline of products that Occuity currently has is very exciting, but also the ability to be able to flex to react to market needs is a key area that will set us in good stead for the future. Handheld, non-contact products are becoming more and more of a requirement, for the reasons that Optometry and Ophthalmology testing rooms and pretesting rooms are getting fuller and fuller with desktop equipment as technology evolves, therefore space is becoming a premium to a lot of these sites.

What do you think Occuity’s future will look like?

I think we all hope that the pipeline of products that we are focussing on will quickly bring us to market as a key player in the areas mentioned above. Clearly the diabetes and Alzheimer’s products are for the future at the moment, but never the less they could be company changing developments which can only enhance the brand and the team behind it all.

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