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For the series “a chat with the team”: Divyank Yarravarapu

Divyank Yarravarapu

Divyank joined Occuity at the end of 2022 as an Embedded Software Engineer. He is responsible for providing general development support across all technical areas of the business, which has already seen him become an important member of the engineering team.

Divyank completed his masters in IoT systems and Data Science from the Queen Mary University of London, and his undergraduate in Mechatronics from SASTRA University, India. He is a robotics enthusiast and has worked on developing assistive devices for visually impaired people. Previous projects and internships included joining L V Prasad Eye Innovations as a research fellow and then becoming an R&D engineer, whilst also working at Harvard Medical School as a research trainee. During his time at Harvard, he worked on point-of-care devices, automated imaging systems, designing, and fabrication.

We had a chance to catch up with Divyank and reflect on his experiences as an Embedded Software Engineer here at Occuity and what project excites him the most.

How did you get involved in Occuity and why did you feel it was the right thing for you?

Having had previous experience working in the optical industry on eye care products, I was attracted to Occuity because it was connected. Occuity also presented me with an opportunity to learn more about optics and product development, hence I felt it was right for me.

What is your position at Occuity and why is your role important?

I work as an Embedded Software Engineer. My role is important for all upcoming projects, I have the responsibility of ensuring robust software is in place and that there are no bugs in our products.

What excites you the most about your job and Occuity?

The way in which Occuity successfully combines optics to find solutions to unanswered questions about the human body, or a particular organ - the eye in our case - is both exciting and revolutionary.

What do you think Occuity’s future will look like?

The products we currently developing could be breakthroughs for both the ophthalmic society and optical sciences.


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