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For the series “a chat with the team”: Ashlesha Mahadar

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Ashlesha Mahadar has joined Occuity as Quality Assurance, responsible for managing and maintaining all areas of the company's current Quality Management System.

Ashlesha is a recent graduate with a Master's in Biomedical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London. Alongside her academic achievements, she also has experience in Regulatory Affairs which has equipped her with the knowledge of how to critically handle technical files, manage standard operating procedures, review customer complaints, and provide literature search reports and clinical evaluation files.

Ashlesha comments:

"I am thrilled at the prospect of joining Occuity and eagerly anticipate the growth opportunities it has to offer".

We had a chance to catch up with Ashlesha Mahadar and reflect on her experiences being a part of the Quality and Operations team at Occuity and what project excites her the most.

How did you get involved in Occuity and why did you feel it was the right thing for you?

As a Biomedical Engineer, I was initially drawn to the products offered by Occuity due to their unique and innovative nature. Occuity's non-contact optical device represents a much-needed advancement in the medical device industry. I was particularly impressed by Occuity's clear vision and commitment to providing accessible solutions to various health challenges. For these reasons, I felt that Occuity was the perfect fit.

What is your position at Occuity and why is your role important?

As a member of the Quality Assurance team at Occuity, I firmly believe that this department plays a critical role in the medical device industry. Even a small error made by the Quality Assurance team can have serious consequences for patient health. It is for this reason that I am deeply committed to working in this field and strive to ensure that only the best quality products are delivered to market. My role is important as I have responsibilities of handling QMS, managing current Non-conformities as well as managing internal and external audits.

What excites you the most about your job and Occuity?

I am particularly drawn to Occuity's innovative products due to their ability to provide simpler solutions for doctors and patients, as well as their ease of accessibility. The prospect of working with these products is highly exciting to me.

What do you think Occuity’s future will look like?

The novel approach to addressing eye-related diseases that Occuity's products embody is both thrilling and represents a significant breakthrough in the field.


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